• “For that is what this is: envy by those in power that they have not control or a say in every aspect of every human life.”

    Excellent insight, John. It may be a subtle distinction; but, I wonder if the driving force comes more from a sense of “equity” than “envy.” Example:

    We should ALL be under a heavy dose of taxes and policies engineered by a centralized service-providing government because any other model that allows for freedom would not be fair. Example: I feel guilty for keeping my money rather than helping the poor with their healthcare. If I feel compelled to relieve this guilt by giving money, then EVERYONE should have to do the same… because acting as an individual is not equitable/fair.

    This doesn’t seem to be a problem isolated to the ideological “left.” Those on the “right” can also have a warped sense of entitlement to authority… a power that would seduce them to also curbing freedom to achieve their particular sense of homogeneity.

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