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3 Responses to From Under the Rubble…Is the Rule of Law Immoral? (Part III)

  1. Until we find a way of telling The Emperor he’s naked, smug, and embarrassing there will be yet another generation of American Catholics who have to choose between being an intelligent sheep, suffering modernist shepherds, or not caring enough to know the difference.

    Great article, but the only sadness is that I’ve been reading the same one for 20 years now, and can find the same message in essays some 50 years old.

    Heaven will not be mocked much longer. Every discerning soul can see the season, smell the rancid fruit, and hear the diabolic cacophany.

    Ninevah heard Jonah, yet we have ignored Our Lady’s warnings at Lasallette, Fatima, and Akita.

    Hell is real and it is rank heresy to “have a reasonable hope that it is empty” with only, perhaps, Hitler there. (I think it’s funny that the liberal heretics never include Stalin or Mao, who martyred 150 million souls between them, in their example. I wonder why the socialists in the Church would neglect history in such a way?)

    Why have we rehabilitated Origen, as if he were an Apostolic Father, and not having died as an arch-heretic? When did his “Universal Salvation” heresy become something other than condemnable? Why is Von Balthassar still feted by advocating this (and many other) theological atrocities?

    Do we die as white martyrs to this internal persecution of The Church by The Church? Do we put our salvation in danger by challenging all, or any, who promulgate or allow these travesties, many of which, are in the highest Church offices?

    Big questions requiring answers and action. If prayer and fasting would not suffice for any of the corporal works of Mercy, should it suffice for the spiritual works?

    Our Lady, Queen of Apostles, Pray for us…

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