Black Revised Bellarmine Common Good-6The Bellarmine Forum Magazine is a quarterly review by some of the finest Catholic commentators today! The magazine discusses a wide variety of issues of concern to Catholics especially as we seek to build the Kingdom of Christ in a secular world. Incisive and wide-ranging, witty and serious, The Bellarmine Forum analyzes issues with a dogged fidelity to the Holy Father and the Magisterium of the Church. Discussions in the magazine include such relevant and hard-hitting topics as: the new English liturgical translations of the Latin Rite, the hostile and secular political reality in the United States, and a recent three-part series on Catholic Social Teaching. As one reader put it, "The Bellarmine Forum is for the plumber and the professor! A great resource for solid Catholic commentary and accessible to all." 

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Expires this weekend! FULTON SHEEN on Mercy

Dec 29, 2016

…Sheen <strong><em>Excerpt from Issue 3 of the <a href=””>Bellarmine Forum Magazine 2016 Volume on Mercy</a>… </em></strong> <img src=”×279.jpg” alt=”bfmagvol2016iss3b” itemprop=”image” /> <h2> Does Mercy Stand Alone? </h2> Sorry. Our permission to have

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Magazine: The Mercy of God, Summer 2016, Issue 1

Jun 19, 2016

Take the word mercy back from the liberals! Last year, when Pope Francis announced the Jubilee Year of Mercy, we all saw the glee and reactions of liberals in the news. Surely, everyone remembers the “All are Welcome” and “On the Margins” being flamboyantly heralded by liberal Catholics to convey the idea that somehow, through the…

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Look Back on Your Year of Mercy with a Smile of Relief

May 30, 2016

…Logo and Confusion over Amoris Laetitia…</em></h3> THE BEST AND EASIEST WAY TO MAKE YOUR YEAR OF MERCY WORTHWHILE AND PROFITABLE TO YOUR SOUL! <h2>THE PROBLEM WITH MERCY</h2> <img src=“×300-circle.jpg” alt=”fr_hardon1-1″…

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Magazine: Evangelizing the Family! Winter 2015, Issue 3

Jan 1, 2016

Where do we go from here? For the two earlier issues, we looked at all the attacks on the family, and analyzed the importance of the family. Issue 3 presents the solutions! Our last issue of the Bellarmine Forum magazine in 2015, “Evangelizing the Family,” lends itself to plenty of food for thought. You ask, why would…

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