Magazine: The Mercy of God, Summer 2016, Issue 1

Bellarmine Cover June 2016 The Mercy of God

Take the word mercy back from the liberals!

Last year, when Pope Francis announced the Jubilee Year of Mercy, we all saw the glee and reactions of liberals in the news. Surely, everyone remembers the “All are Welcome” and “On the Margins” being flamboyantly heralded by liberal Catholics to convey the idea that somehow, through the magic of using the word mercy, sinful acts were no longer error. It’s just not right, but how do you explain the problem?

Mercy is NOT a dirty word…

No waving of magic words (even if they are on a felt banner) can change how mercy connects to justice. Yet, as if they were God themselves, the liberals’ cries of mercy pretend to do just that. Silly and misguided people they are — This issue will turn you into a soldier of mercy, ready to reclaim these lands taken by error.

Don’t Let This One Lie About God Live Another Day

If you have ever imagined God as the angry man in the sky with a lightning bolt waiting for someone to make a mistake, or if you know somebody who believes God is this way, then you must get them this issue!

Mercy isn’t pink rainbows and butterflies…

Right away, this issue separates the cotton-candy sentimentality of the word mercy slung around by liberals today from what God actually expects of us. See:

  • The surprising way even conservative Catholics set themselves up to misapprehend mercy. Not just a bad word among conservatives, but this simple misunderstanding makes it tough to see what God means from a conservative viewpoint.
  • These 12 simple words handed down from the early Church provide a tried-and-true way of correcting and nurturing your view of God forever! This one sentence has been the fuel of great mystics and doctors of the Church, and it can be yours, too.
  • The fastest, simplest way to get the plank out of our own eyes. You know the parable of our Lord wherein He advises us to remove the plank from our eye before seeing the speck in our brother’s?
  • By making a Year of Mercy, Pope Francis wants people to stop judging sin, yes?  NO! The one surprising way Pope Francis is asking us to judge moral faults this year that will likely accelerate your spiritual life to new heights!

Wake up from the slumber of jargon and Mercy-speak…

Each of the articles explores a facet of mercy. Beginning with Cindy Paslawski’s The Puzzle of Mercy, she analyzes the sleepy state we find ourselves in with regard to mercy.

Mercy suffers the slow rehabilitation of the injured…

John DeJak’s On Mercy and the Ring takes an example from a scene in a very popular literary work, one even your children can read — and arms you with a ready example of mercy that will not only highlight how you can grow in mercy, but provides a great way to teach children.

Mercy feeds the hungry…

Michael Kenney writes Embracing Mercy as a practical guide taken from St. John Paul II’s encyclical Dives in Misericordiae (Rich in Mercy) of how we encounter God’s mercy in the regular life of a Catholic — see with exactness the many real and tangible gifts of mercy God gives to each of us.

Mercy Sees through the mess and gets to the needy…

Michael Adkins cuts through the inflammatory rhetoric about and cloudy opinions of Pope Francis to see that beneath the liberal confusion, the Pope really has a strong grasp of mercy, and you’ll see that the liberals who saw “going out to the margins” as justifying sinful life don’t understand what the Pope said at all. If you have had questions about Pope Francis, then you might even take heart that God may have really put the right guy as His Vicar by seeing what Michael sees in his pontificate.

Mercy expands vision and the heart…

Matt Yonke presents No Boundaries to God’s Love and Mercy with a view of the ways in which the Eastern churches highlight and emphasize that mercy is a product of God’s love for us. He contrasts this true understanding of God with that imperfect understanding of God’s relation to man he was given from his Calvinist inspired faith when growing up.

Mercy does NOT ignore the injury and pretend everything is OK…

Dr. Arthur Hippler writes in his Obstacles to Divine Mercy: No Sin, No Mercy a brilliant exposition of how the modern, liberal, misunderstanding of mercy is a novel error separate and distinct from those of Calvinism or Jansenism. This article equips you with the surgeon’s tools necessary to dissect and explain the problem of liberal mercy. Moreover, it will give you precise solutions for explaining to others how liberal mercy is attacking God himself.

Mercy relentlessly pursues the needy…

An exciting future ahead: this is just the beginning because we have two more issues yet to come! Just from this introduction, you can see that mercy is a topic rich for discussion.

  • The greatest attack on God today is limiting his love, Yes? NO! It is not by changing the understanding of  love but rather the denial of this one surprising thing that eliminates all mercy.
  • The one way in which even pagans of old got it more right than moderns today. Once you see this, you will realize exactly why moderns have lost the capacity to understand mercy — and you’ll be able to help them get it back!
  • Discover the three major lies about the condition of man today and from where they come. Our condition of original sin is not merely “psychologically wounded, or socially maladjusted, or politically marginalized.”  We are actually broken by original sin — this one surprising reference is the surest way to cut through the misunderstanding today.

Bellarmine Cover June 2016 The Mercy of God

  • The fastest safest way to obtain the greatest work of God. It’s not justification or even repentance, but a more basic thing overlooked and ignored today. It’s right in front of everyone and they just refuse to acknowledge it!
  • Repentance is enough, yes? NO! This one extra thing is necessary. Once commonly found everywhere, all traces of the reminder of this thing are being removed and disappearing in our time.
  • The one thing we must never do to Jesus, because it renders Him uneffective.


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Now in its 51st year, the Bellarmine Forum continues to march boldly through the wake of the confusion after Vatican II. This magazine issue is another advance towards providing clarity and sanity to Catholics who want discussion of the true faith and of the traditions we been given by our forefathers. There is a lot more where this great stuff came from! Thanks be to God! The 2016 volume of the Bellarmine Forum Magazine will change your Year of Mercy into something that makes you smile.

Don’t be afraid to talk mercy! Armed with what you have in your hands, you can advance the battle lines in God’s favor. Share this Magazine with those around you. Talk to them about what true mercy means. Don’t let the misuse of the word deter you! Ask Our Lady to open your eyes to see those around you as she sees them, and when she does, ask her for the help to teach them mercy.



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