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Footnote 7: Revenge – Or Love? The Catholic Answer


In Footnote 7, Chris Manion asks: Can a government based on revenge serve the common good? And is love of country a viable alternative?

Footnote 7: Revenge – Or Love? The Catholic Answer

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  1. Daphne Litton on November 8, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    Right on, Dr. Manion, right on! God has given each one of us many gifts if we would only be open to them. One of the most important gifts I believe, is that of discernment. Unfortunately over half our country has most recently shown a lack of discernment towards the lies we have witnessed throughout the course of this election from our President! A puppet on a string is what our President is…and for me, the answer to the question, “So who is pulling the President’s strings?” would be “The ruler of the world!”…not a Heavenly bid, that is for sure. And Dr. Manion, hearing your footnote reminds me of the days I drove to my job in Elkhart listening to your dad on the radio. He would have been very proud to hear this most recent statement of yours. You hit the bull’s eye right on! Keep ’em coming!

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