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Ember Days

Those of you who follow the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Liturgy, you will know that today is Wednesday in Ember Week.  The Ember Feasts are days that follow closely the changing of the seasons and are set aside for partial fasting and penance.  This liturgical custom has seen a renewed interest and practice in the years since Benedict XVI’s Summorum Pontificum.  It is a wonderful way to mark the changes in the natural world and “sanctify time.”

The blog Rorate Caeli–whom we have taken to task in the past–has certainly found a winner in this post.  It is entitled “The Glow of the Ember Days” authored by Michael Foley and appearing in the ever-informative and excellent, Latin Mass Magazine.    Check out the Ember Day devotions–a very Roman tradition! Might I also encourage its observance among those who follow the Ordinary Form of the Roman Liturgy!


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