Charlotte Iserbyt

Beyond Common Core: Transformation from a family-centered society to a society-centered family begins with a community hub

By Stephanie Block / April 30, 2014 /

Being on the email list of veteran education researcher and author Charlotte Iserbyt is like being in the passenger seat next to a particularly fast driver. As uncomfortable as the position may be, jumping out of the car would be worse. This is the agenda to expand education into Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor. Iserbyt…

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Explaining Common Core: And why you don’t want this in your schools

By Stephanie Block / June 19, 2013 /

Since 1965, states have been given over 118 BILLION dollars (in addition to those supplied at the state/county level) through ESEA [the Elementary and Secondary Education Act] has supported a system in which 1 in 7 adults are functionally illiterate. Are the Marxists pushing new stuff into education (again)? Catholics wouldn’t go along with that, would they? Read Stephanie Block’s exposition.

There is a rather extensive list of “dangers” she sees in Common Core, including the denial of “absolute truth in God,” “making all truth relative and determined by group consensus,AND MORE!

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