Fr. Wilson Miscamble

From Under the Rubble…Is College Football a Cash Cow or a White Elephant?

By Christopher Manion / April 15, 2014 /

Fifty years ago, Father Ted Hesburgh, President of Notre Dame, launched a campaign to make the school measure up to “Ivy League” academic standards. Alas, students did not jump for joy. They did not appreciate the underlying notion that they were being educated at a Catholic intellectual backwater in need of a makeover. A campus…

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Holding Back the Secularist Tide that Threatens to Overtake Our Lady’s University

By wffguest / September 29, 2013 /

by Guest Author, Daniel J. Kelly, Esq. For Notre Dame: Battling for the Heart and Soul of a Catholic University Fr. Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C St. Augustine’s Press Paperback, $17.00 Academia is certainly a major front in contemporary culture wars.  Academics who dare trespass the politically correct positions espoused by the mainstream masses of tenured…

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From Under the Rubble…Two Views From The Golden Dome

By Christopher Manion / August 9, 2013 /

Right or Wrong – 40 Years Inside Notre Dame Charles E. Rice; St. Augustine’s Press, $35.00 For Notre Dame Wilson Miscamble, C.S.C., St. Augustine’s Press, $17.00 Today the Rubble features two books that offer serious and uniquely informed insights into Notre Dame. Dr. Charles Rice has taught at Notre Dame Law School since 1969. His…

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