Prayers Requested for Frank Morriss

Frank Morriss

Our dear friend and Board Member Frank Morriss was hospitalized last week and is in the ICU.  Frank, a WWII vet who will be 90 in March, wrote for years for The Wanderer, was a founding editor of Twin Circle and the Catholic Register in Denver. He co-edited our Forum Focus since 1985.  Most recently he contributed to the Bellarmine Forum Magazine‘s series on Vatican II.  His counsel and sage wisdom in guiding the Wanderer Forum Foundation, and now the Bellarmine Forum have been invaluable.  As you enjoy your Christmas celebrations today and during the Octave, remember Frank and pray a Hail Mary for his speedy recovery–we need him!

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  1. Frank Morriss, born in 1923, is 90 years old. He is in Home Hospice Care. Please keep praying for a peaceful death. Before his operation in December, he finished his latest manuscript, The Reluctant Soldier, about his WW2 experience from 1943-1945. We are hoping to still get this published. (Gerard Morriss)

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