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John B. Manos, Esq. is an attorney and chemical engineer. He has a dog, Fyo, and likes photography, astronomy, and dusty old books published by Benzinger Brothers. He is the President of the Bellarmine Forum.

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Chuck Norris (Fr. George Rutler) on Communion in the Hand

If you’ve ever been a fan of kung fu movies or action films, you can always tell who the prize fighters are. Maybe Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris. But then they reveal the bad guy. The best of these films always have you wondering how the good guy is going to win. You know he’s going to. You can’t wait […]

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Communion in the Hand is “Perfectly” Legal?

When famous ponzi scheme fraudster Bernie Madoff was apprehended, he defended himself by positing that “I was only doing what everyone else was.” I can recall trying that defense as a child:  everyone else is doing it…  The implication is plain:  …so it must be OK. That never really worked with my parents (nor should it […]

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Ever Get Tempted to Give up Catholics for Lent?

I get a little edgier this time of year every year now. It’s because of the stupid, vapid advice I see repeated about lent. The Forum has posted a lot of good posts about lent on social channels recently. One was this piece of gold by Cindy Paslawski. In it, she asks whether traditional lent is optional. And she […]

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MacLean’s Brings the Contraception Freak Show to Mainstream

The cover of the February 2018 Maclean’s magazine (a Canadian publication) features a smiling woman holding a young smiling boy over her head. If you did not read the text yet, it looks like fun. She looks happy. But, emblazoned across her face is a bold pink banner that reads “I wish I never had kids. There. I said […]

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“I put the Calf in the Oven”, “we give Papal Awards to anyone that visits”, and Slavery

One my favorite lame excuses of all time should be enshrined and burned into the memory of every child. It should be repeated now and then while drinking — everyone at the table laugh and laugh and laugh. It should be the first example off our lips when someone dissembles…  “I put the gold in the oven […]

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The Baptism of Fire: Why Protestants Think They Don’t Purgatory, But Catholics Do with Landon DePasquale: BFP 010

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSEver wondered why purgatory is so messy? And why do Protestants think it is wrong? Join in the discussion with Landon DePasquale and John Manos on Purgatory, Luther, and the Fr. Weinandy departure from the USCCB. St. Ambrose of Milan described it: “Before the resurrected lies a […]

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Kick in the Pants on the Four Last Things: BFP NOV17

Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSSIn today’s “prepper” society, we are often told to prepare for calamity by purchasing survival rations, and exchanging our cash for gold. That’s because they want us to be ready for the calamities they believe are inevitable. The Church has always had a “prepper” society, though. […]

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We Can All Breathe Easier Now that Fr. Weinandy resigned from the USCCB

Today, a dangerous force creeping into the Church was solidly quashed and quelled. After all, one must take firm and swift actions to keep the public order, right? After all, asking questions of the Holy Father is subversive and confusing to the laity. They might think the wrong thing. They might be encouraged to question his authority as […]

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