The Fruits of the Passion.

When Easter comes we must not forget the Passion of Jesus. The Church reminds us of it every day in Holy Mass. Jesus Himself appeared in Heaven as a lamb that had been slain. Only we have now to look to the joyful side of the Passion, to its glorious fruits.

1. The first fruit of the Passion is the exaltation of the Man Christ Jesus to sit on the right hand of God. In Him our human nature received Divine honors, and these honor s were won by the sufferings of the Passion. “For the joy that was set before Him He endured the Cross, and sitteth on the right hand of the throne of God.” (Heb. xii. 2.)

2. The second fruit of the Passion is the saving from sin and eternal death all those who choose to avail themselves of the grace offered them. “He shall see a long-lived seed.” Millions, who otherwise would have dwelt for ever in the abyss of Hell, are, through the graces won for them by our Lord in His Sacred Passion, the happy denizens of Heaven to all eternity. It is this which will constitute the chief glory of the Sacred Humanity.

3. The third fruit of the Passion is the crushing of Satan and all the company of Hell beneath the feet of Jesus. Never was there so glorious a victory under the guise of defeat, never a more complete or unexpected triumph. He who was in the morning an object of derision to devils and wicked men, came forth, ere evening closed, King of kings and Lord of lords, triumphant over sin and death, before whom every knee shall bow in Heaven and in earth and Hell.

Thanks be to God for the unspeakable glory of the Passion of Jesus Christ!


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