Toeing the Line in the Marxist Church? Texas Divine Mercy Situation Escalates

As I watch the situation in Texas evolve over the alleged locutions received by a member of the Mission of Divine Mercy (reported on LifeSite News), I am scratching my head in amazement at how the situation is being handled. For quite some time, I have felt that our priests are abused into silence by this bully cult within our Church. And I have felt for some time, and mentioned in past podcasts that the fear imposed on our clergy to “button up and shut up” is no different than Marxist control, which would tell you that you must “Toe the Line” or else…

In a nutshell

Over the course of several videos, each of which have been published by LifeSite News, a series of alleged locutions received by a member of their community reveals messages that, among other things,

  • talk of the corruption in the church (cf. Akita, or Hardon declaring that the US Bishops were in schism);
  • refer to a “usurper” that has been allowed to sit on the throne of Peter;
  • speak of impending action by Our Lord to clean up the mess (cf. Fatima and Akita etal.)

In response, the local Ordinary has ordered the order to cease publishing the alleged locutions and now moves to act on them for disobedience. Images of the Archbishop’s letter:

Of particular note to me are the cited materials by the Archbishop, namely focused on 1) the apparent persistence in publishing the messages despite being ordered to cease (inducted “disobedience”); 2) the clear inclusion of the “usurper” allegation in reference to Pope Francis as a basis of action; and, 3) discussion revolving around Fr. Foster’s statement that they believe some in the hierarchy as well as Bergoglio are attempting to subvert the Church.

The Mission Divine Mercy has published a further response this past Thursday, it is here. This has escalated immediately to nuclear status, and yesterday LifeSite reported that the Archbishop has advanced to remove priestly faculties and seize all property.

Punishment For Those Who Do Not “Toe the Line”

I always remember a story from a man who lived in Soviet occupied Russia about freedom of speech in the Marxist State. Someone had quipped to him that he was not able to pray or say things about God. The man quickly corrected the person and explained: “Oh now, in my village there is a church right next to the town square. I could go into the square, declare my opinion that God is my savior, and go into the Church and pray. Nobody will stop me. Nobody will tell me to be quiet. But, perhaps within a week, I will be informed that my work has been reviewed and my status degraded. My income will be reduced, and I will no longer be allowed to live in the apartment I currently have, and will be moved to another area suitable for the new lower grade. But, I was free to pray and go into that Church.”

The attack never came on substantive response, but as collateral force.

The man above knows that he must “toe the line” — I love it because he makes the distinction that he is free to say whatever he wants. But if what he says goes against the projected fantasy of the Party (i.e. if he fails to “toe the line”), then he will get the hammer.

Priests of Yesteryear Could Speak Truth and Opinion

As I have been pouring over our archive materials, one thing shocks me: in the past, the priests were way freer to express opinions, even on the hierarchy. Priests were even free to mention where error had crept into the hierarchy! I mentioned Fr. Hardon above, but here is Monsignor Bandas, who had been a periti at Vatican II rallying the lay people to call out error and exercise their rights within the Church, as professed at Vatican II:

HE’S ON FIRE! But I also love that clip because his point is well taken: we have a right to demand orthodox teaching and orthodox principles.

My point is that these priests said things that today would be crossing the line, or ignoring the line they are meant to toe. If a priest today got caught talking like that, they’d be hauled into some discussion about “Exuberant displays inviting schism” or some nonsense.

Meanwhile, Turpitude is Rewarded

Need we recall that priests living in such depravity that they got caught performing perverse acts in a parked car on the street? The cop observed the acts directly and issued a citation for indecency. It becomes a public issue. The priests are in active ministry today without nary a problem.

Similarly, priests charged with allegations of similar turpitude are rarely removed or have faculties removed and they seem to be rewarded and promoted. Similarly, should we mention, let alone even discuss McCarrick etal, or the events alleged to have occurred at the Coccopalmerio, (for which parts of the ceiling of the church began falling — literally the physical church fell apart), we are attacked for having said anything contrary.

“Toeing the Line” means that you do not discuss these things, and that you are expected to join ranks around the suppression of people who criticize it. Us lay people are expected to shut up as well.

Just ask Fr. Rothrock how this works… he spoke the truth, and his bishop made him apologize while never fully admitting his own error. There’s a reason I used the Red Wheel image for that post. We see it at work here as well.

Solzhenitsyn and “Toeing the Line”

The whole thing, from a bystander’s view, makes me think of a line in Solzhenitsyn’s works where he shows the breaking line of the facade. The State must impose punishment, but at some point, everyone will determine that the imposed line has crossed the truth. Often this happens when the punishments no longer make sense, and the victim must account for what has been taken in the name of “toeing the line”.

 “We can make you toe the line if we have to.”

“That’s where you’re wrong, Citizen Minister!”  Bobynin’s bold eyes flashed with undisguised hatred.  “I’ve got nothing, understand, nothing at all!  You can’t get at my wife and child; a bomb got to them first.  My parents are dead.  All I own in this world is a handkerchief.  These overalls and the buttonless shirt underneath them (he bared his chest to show it) belong to the state.  You took my freedom from me long ago, and you can’t give it back because you have no freedom yourself.  I’m forty-two years old, and you’ve slapped a twenty-five year sentence on me, I’ve been in hard-labor camps, walked about with number patches on my clothes, and wearing handcuffs, and with dogs around me, and I’ve been in a penal work brigade; so what else can you threaten me with?  What else can you take away from me?  My engineer’s job, perhaps?  That would be your loss, not mine.”  

Solzhenitsyn, A. In the First Circle chapter 18. see info here

The End of the Line for Toeing the Line?

I can make a list of events at which people have observed on their own that problems are larger than the shared fantasy would have us make believe. Some people still think everything is rosy, meanwhile, the following events have happened, at which point people have said, like Bobynin, what else is left?

  • Lightning striking St. Peter’s. Some people knew as of that day that a problem was afoot.
  • The “ambiguity” in Amoris Laetitia – this opened the door to legitimate dubia — this was an opportunity for dialogue. The dubia cardinals were attacked in a way that would make Alinsky blush.
  • Honoring an arch-enemy of God in the Vatican? The enthronement of the red Martin Luther in the Vatican was a breaking point for some, and they believed they were witnessing a direct attack on God.
  • Appointing pro-abortion persons to ranks within the Vatican? Some people recognized this right away as a direct attack on the faith. There is no defense of this at all.
  • Continued action against the Dubia cardinals, while ignoring the questions posed. All along, people knew that the questions were ignored because the answer would be error — as time continues, it becomes apparent this is intentional.
    • meanwhile, nothing is done to McCarrick, who has a record of depravity and turpitude that the public can plainly see
    • the good names and reputations of the dubia Cardinals are smeared as if they did the things McCarrick did.
  • Pseudo-theology of Laudato Si and the ambiguous sustainability or pantheism thereof. Straining to defend this mess, some saw it for an attack on the people of God to insert quasi-obligations and open pathways of monism and similar errors. The odd display at the Vatican didn’t help. The insane length of these tomes is enough for some to point out there’s a real problem.
  • The barbarous nativity scenes. C’mon… We all know there’s some turpitude issues behind anyone who finds the “Art” of those displays appealing.
  • The Year of Mercy logo…. some said it wasn’t Catholic but directly of another faith. Turns out, over time, the Rupnik situation has come to light.
  • That Rupnik has public faculties...

I could go on and on with this list as it is cumulative. I want to stop on Rupnik, however…

If you don’t see the Marxism in the Church at this point, then answer this one question:

Why is Rupnik enjoying faculties today, but this priest in Texas has his threatened?

If you can answer that question, then you might see why Our Lord could very well be as angry as those alleged locutions report… I’m not making a judgment on the locutions – I don’t know if they are supernatural or not, I’m just saying that many people already knew what those alleged locutions say… destroying the life of that priest trying to silence what we all know is just going to make it worse… Lord, have mercy on us!

The obvious answer is obvious: Take care of the McCarricks and the Rupniks first, (you know, real depravity that caused actual physical harm and real damage to victims), then worry about some harmless words uttered by a priest in Texas. Otherwise, Our Lord is going to re-balance the scales, may He may mercy on us!

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