Do You think they are kidding? Alinsky’s Demonic Ends Aspired

The Forum has been warning people about Alinsky for over twenty years. I saw this floating around on the Internets and it’s a good summary of the many things we discuss from time to time.


Regular and long time readers will recognize it, but is there more?

I am always amazed at the disconnect that seems to be apparent when discussing the demonic dedication of Marxists. Alinsky dedicated his rules for radicals to Lucifer. That’s not poetic. Don’t you think the people that follow him do the same?

Here’s an old image on Alinsky we’ve had floating around the site for several years:

John Paul II obviously agrees that Alinsky's means were wrong.

What bothers me is that the PPACA, aka “Obamacare”, appears to be the last limits of #s 1, 2, and 3 — healthcare, poverty, and debt. Everyone with whom I’ve spoken that had their own insurance coverage before the Obamacare provisions rolled out says that now their insurance is more expensive by twice, and some say three times as much, that their deductible is higher than it has ever been, and that their out of pocket expenses are as much or more than the policy costs.

I bring that up because Obamacare was properly titled the “Affordable Care Act” yet it appears that there is nothing affordable for us in it! The original website is said to have costed over $850 million to create, and it was only able to enroll six people. Of the other people that were later enrolled, they were all medicaid recipients already.

So, nearly a billion dollars to make a website that forces you to buy affordable insurance that costs twice as much and covers a tenth (due to increased out of pocket and deductibles) of what it did before. The mockery of the name appears to be the signature of our enemy — it was all done in the name of making it affordable! It’s not just a joke, but that’s Alinskyian tactics!

Haven’t We Seen this same result in the Church, though?

glory to soviet teacher alinskyFor how many years have we seen “programs” announced and gone through the church in America that did the opposite of what the name implied?  How many readers remember RENEW? Despite the name, it seemed to cause people to leave the pews. Similarly, ecumenical movements over the years were supposed to open channels of dialogue for the Church to help others find the truths revealed by God, but instead they’ve ushered errors into the flock. on and on…

Their efforts to get this into your parish aren’t subtle, either.


How do we stop it? Our Lady. She crushes the serpent.


What of this list have you seen? Got any other observation to add?


Look at point #7 in the picture above again. Have our Churches been teaching our children to believe in God as a Living Person, and Jesus Christ as His Son Who became incarnate, died for us, and rose from the dead that we might have eternal life?

Or, have all the catechetical programs just left them as neopagan environmentalists, worried about carbon taxes?

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