Day 2 (Nov 28) The Divine Decree

1.  What brought Christ down from heaven?  It was man’s sin.  From all eternity the Blessed Trinity, looking forward to the fall of man, had decreed that the Eternal Word should clothe Himself with human flesh, and should be born into the world in order to repair the evil that man had wrought.  Thus God in His mercy provides a remedy for all the sins and follies of men even before they are committed.  We do the harm, and God undoes it.  Has He not often thus averted from me the consequences due to my evil deeds?  

2.  In what garb was the Son of God to clothe Himself when He became Man?  In one that should give us some idea of the evil He came to undo.  He, the Eternal Son, coequal with the Father, took the form of a servant, was born of a despised race, of humble parents, in poverty, and humility, and contempt.  All this should impress on us how sin has deserved all these and every other evil imaginable besides.  If these were the results of sin on the spotless Lamb of God, what must they be on sinful, feeble man?  

3.  The divine decree did not stop at this first coming of the Son of God.  There is to be a second advent, one in which He will appear in human form indeed, yet now no longer in lowliness and humiliation, but clothed with all the brightness and glory which His divine nature can impart to His sacred humanity.  In this second coming, He is to come and receive the reward that He has earned for His human nature, and for all those who had faithfully served Him.  He is to come and reign.  He is to crush all His enemies under His feet.  Look forward to that glorious day, and pray that you may share the glory of the Son of God.


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