Day 4 (Nov 30) The Long Darkness. 

Adam and Eve expelled from paradise after the fall

1.  The light extinguished at the Fall was rekindled in the hearts of our first parents when the promise was given them of a Redeemer Who should undo the fatal mischief that had been done.  But in their children Adam and Eve had to lament the fatal effects of that deadly evil that they had introduced into the world.  As generation followed generation, thicker and thicker grew the darkness, farther and farther did men wander away from the light, that gave to each the power of guiding his feet aright from earth to heaven.  Thus it is that each ill deed goes on bearing its deadly fruit, often long after the doer is dead and gone. 

2.  Yet every man had light and grace sufficient, and more than sufficient, to enable him to walk in the ways of God, and to find his way to the kingdom of heaven.  But none save a very few availed themselves of it. “They loved darkness more than light.”  The world gradually lost all regard for virtue or for God.  How grateful should I be to God that I live in happier days! 

3.  If I had lived then, what should I have been?  Even with all my countless graces and advantages, what a poor specimen I am of one made by God, for God, and in the image of God!  In heathen days should I not have been among the most depraved?  Should I not have recklessly indulged my own inclinations, irrespective of the voice of God warning and reproaching me?  What chance should I have had of saving my soul in those days of dark corruption and depravity?




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