Day 8 (Dec 4) – The Approaching Day & God Our Best Friend

The Approaching Day. 

1.  When the sun is soon to appear above the horizon, the morning star, shining with a light derived indeed from him, but nevertheless shining bright and clear even before his coming, gives the signal of his approach.  So the holy Mother of God, dawning upon the world with a grace and beauty which was the gift of her divine Son, anticipated His Incarnation and made the world more beautiful in God’s sight than it had ever been before.  Mary was more precious to God than all the rest of men, and this quite independently of her divine maternity.  Consider why this was, and learn a lesson for yourself. 

2.  The morning star is still clearly seen when all other stars have been extinguished by the light of the coming day.  Mary has a brilliancy so great that the brightness of all the other saints fades into nothing in comparison with hers.  If this was the case even in comparison with the glory of St. John Baptist, St. Joseph, Abraham the Patriarch, the friend of God, Job, the model of patience, Daniel, the beloved of God, what must her glory be!  Thank God for having created one child of Adam worthy of Himself. 

3.  Mary’s consummate beauty is the consequence of there being in her nothing of her own.  All was God’s; no admixture of self in her motives, in her aims, in her joys and sorrows, her love and hatred.  Her affections were simply a reflection of what God loved and hated; like God she loved all things except sin, and those who were the declared and eternal enemies of God.  She desired nothing for herself except that she might see God’s holy will fulfilled in all.  Is this the account that you can give of yourself?  Only if this is so are you a worthy child of Mary.


God our Best Friend. 

All are Thine, O Lord, who lovest souls. (Wisdom xi. 27.) 

1.  Friendship is one of the consolations of man upon earth.  One faithful friend is worth a hundred acquaintances.  A friend who values our friendship for its own sake is a treasure without price.  Such a friend we have in God.  He has nothing to gain from my friendship, His infinite happiness is not increased by it.  Yet His infinite goodness includes an intense desire to make me happy. 

2.  When we have a faithful friend who is possessed of unlimited influence and power, we consult him in all our difficulties.  God is of all friends the most faithful and the most powerful; He desires to be consulted by us in things small as well as great, never tiring of our requests, more ready to hear than we to pray.  Yet how little have I had recourse to Him hitherto!  How little I have trusted Him!  

3.  The best proof of a friend’s love is a desire for our company.  In this what friend like God?  He asks us, begs us, commands us to be always in His presence: “Walk with God and be thou perfect.”  His one object in all His advice to us is to secure our company forever in heaven.  Why am I so indifferent about His presence, so soon weary of God?  

Pray that you may appreciate and relish the divine friendship of God.


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