The Angels’ Song & The Memories of Heaven – Christmas Meditation Day 6 (Dec 30)

The Angels’ Song 

Angels rushed to the nativity to sing “Glory to God in the highest! and peace to men of good will!” to the Holy Family and the shepherds.

On the night of the Nativity a countless multitude of the heavenly host were singing the praises of the new-born King.  Let us listen to them. 

1.  They are singing Gloria in excelsis Deo — “Glory to God in the highest!” It is the first song they have sung on earth since the Fall.  It is sung on the occasion of the infinite humiliation of the Son of God.  Yet they sing, Glory to God in the highest!  It must, therefore, be a source of unspeakable glory to God that He has taken the form of a servant, that He has humbled Himself to the very dust.  If this is such a source of glory to God, my true glory must consist in humbling myself. 

2.  They are also singing of peace to men.  What sort of peace?  Not external peace, for Christ came not to bring peace, but a sword; but true peace, internal peace, that tranquillity of soul that nothing can destroy.  This is the boon that Christ gives to all who love Him, in proportion to their love. 

3.  But peace not for all, only for men of good will.  Christ, indeed, brought peace to all, but all did not accept it, only those whose good will and loyal spirit of submission made them ready to acknowledge Him as their Lord, and whom, therefore, the good will of God had predestined to the eternal peace and joy of heaven.  God grant that I may be one of these!


The Memories of Heaven

What shall I render to the Lord for all the things that He hath rendered to me?  (Ps. cxv. 12.) 

One of the chief sources of our gratitude to God and of our ceaseless joy in heaven will be derived from looking back upon our lives. 

1.  Even in this world we can catch a glimpse of God’s wonderful goodness to us, of all that He has done to save us from sin, to help us on our way to heaven.  In Heaven we shall see clearly what we now see very darkly, and we shall never cease to admire the unceasing care that God has exercised towards us, making all things work together for our good. 

2.  What joy, too, we shall feel at the thought of all we have done for God on earth!  Each act of self-denial, each raising of the heart to God, each little deed of charity will be remembered then.  Christ our Lord will thank us for each, and our hearts will leap with gladness and eternal joy. 

3.  Even our sins will be indirectly a source of happiness to the saved.  There will be the overflowing gratitude to Him Who has washed us from our sins in His own Blood, there will be the joyful contrast between what we might have been and what we are!  How eagerly we shall cry: “We are bought with a great price”; “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive honor and glory and benediction and power”!  

Make acts of gratitude for all God has done and will do for you.


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