The Finding of Christ – Christmas Meditation Day 18 (Jan 11)

The Finding of Christ

The three kings fell prostrate before the Baby Jesus, their Saviour and Lord.

1.  It must have been rather a surprise to the Magi to find the new-born King so poorly housed and humbly clad.  Their Eastern ideas of magnificence must have had rather a shock from the absence of all visible splendor from the cradle of the King of kings.  Yet their faith never wavered.  God was their teacher, and they had learned from Him the difficult lesson of not judging by outward appearances and the impressions of sense. 

2.  With beating hearts they knock at the door, and Joseph opens to them.  Within they find Him Whom they were seeking, in the arms of Mary His Mother.  That humble dwelling is full of a celestial light.  Sweet songs of angel minstrelsy ring in their ears.  Their hearts are full of an unspeakable joy and assurance that before them they have the King of the Jews, nay, the Lord of heaven and earth, their Saviour and their God. 

3.  The first impulse of their hearts is to fall prostrate before that little Child.  They fell down and adored Him.  What a happiness it was to them to make their submission to Him; to profess their loyalty; to declare that they belonged to Him body and soul for time and for eternity!  O Jesus, to Thee, and to Thee only, I belong.  Make me Thy faithful servant now and forever.



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