The Name of Jesus – Christmas Meditation Day 12 (Jan 5)

The Name of Jesus

Great light shines from the Baby Jesus Who is held on the altar by Simeon

1.  At the circumcision, Jewish children received their name as other children do at their baptism.  Mary’s little Son received the name of Jesus or Deliverer, because He was to deliver men from the slavery of sin.  This was His appointed office by the divine command: to put an end to the slavery in which men were held by the devil.  He was sent to deliver me from the bondage under which I have long labored, the bondage to the opinion of men, the bondage to ill-temper, the bondage to passion, the bondage to selfishness, the bondage to self-will, the bondage to riches or comforts.  O Jesus, Deliverer of those in bondage, by Thy sacred circumcision deliver me!  

2.  Jesus is also our Deliverer from the terrible consequences of sin.  Our sins were remitted by the shedding of His Precious Blood.  Without the shedding of blood, says St. Paul, there is no remission.  What reason I have to dread the consequences due to my sins!  Yet Jesus can and will deliver me from them, if I love Him as I ought. 

3.  Jesus also is the Deliverer of all creation from the curse which came upon the whole earth at the Fall.  He has sanctified it by the drops of His Precious Blood that fell upon it.  Henceforward it became a new earth, and one day He will cleanse it from all its impurities, and renew it to the heavenly beauty, and make it worthy to be the home of His elect.


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