Lent Day 43: Wednesday in Holy Week — The Death of Jesus.

 The Death of Jesus.

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Read St. Luke xxiii.  45-48.

 [45] And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst.

[46] And Jesus crying out with a loud voice, said: Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit. And saying this, he gave up the ghost. [47] Now the centurion, seeing what was done, glorified God, saying: Indeed this was a just man. [48] And all the multitude of them that were come together to that sight, and saw the things that were done, returned striking their breasts.

1.  After Our Lord has hung in agony for three hours upon the cross, at last the time approaches when His deliverance is at hand.  He has endured every possible form of suffering, bodily and mental.  His body has been subjected to a physical torture far worse than the accumulated sufferings of the martyrs; His sacred soul has been rent asunder with an anguish and desolation more awful than any save the eternal anguish of hell.  He has sacrificed His honor, His reputation; He has been esteemed a fool and a madman.  Now there is only one sacrifice more that He can make to His Eternal Father for man — the sacrifice of His life.  He is determined to give up all for us, to be obedient even to death.

2.  What was it that caused the death of Our Lord?  Not the executioners, not the Jews, not the agony of the cross; they were but instruments.  It was sin.  Sin had in it a malice sufficient even to rob of life God, Our Lord and King.  What a strange mystery sin is!  And how strange that we do not hate it more when we see its power to destroy!

3.  The death of Jesus was no transient occurrence.  He still mystically dies for us each day and each hour.  When we receive holy Communion, we “show the death of the Lord till He come” and, therefore, His sacred Passion and Death should be the chief subject of our thoughts whenever we approach the holy Table, and especially on the eve of the solemn day when He instituted the sacrament of His love.


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