March 9th — St. Joseph’s First Joy.

9th Day.— St. Joseph’s First Joy.

1.  Joseph had in his sad perplexity for some time prayed and thought, and thought and prayed again.  Externally his conduct gave no sign of the anguish of his soul.  But all the same Mary must have been conscious of the thoughts that were passing in her dear spouse’s mind, and though God had given her no leave to speak, she prayed continually that He would make known to Joseph what had taken place in her.  God could not refuse to listen to His handmaid’s prayer.

2.  One night as Joseph slept an angel appeared. “Fear not,” he said, “to take to thee Mary thy wife, for that which is conceived in Mary’s womb is of the Holy Ghost.”  That Child is divine, nay, is Himself God.  Thou art appointed to be His Guardian and protector.  Thou shalt call His name Jesus; thou shalt be the foster-father of thy God, as thou art the true husband of His mother.  Thus it is that God intervenes to dispel the fears of His servants who watch and pray, who patiently abide God’s time, and only seek His will.

3.  What intense joy and lightness of heart fill the soul of Joseph at the angel’s words!  His bewildered perplexity was changed to peace and gladness.  He was to be the consort of the Mother of God; nay, more, he was to have the rights of a father over the Son of God; he was to have the unspeakable privilege of dwelling with God Incarnate!  O happy Joseph!  Thy obedience and patience received indeed a rich reward.



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