27th Day — Jesus appears to Mary after the Resurrection.

Jesus appears to Mary after the Resurrection.

According to the multitude of my sorrows in my heart,
Thy comforts have given joy to my soul. (Psalm xciii.  19.)

1.  Holy Scripture tells us nothing of our Lord’s appearance after His Resurrection to His Blessed Mother.  It takes it for granted that He must have appeared first to her.  He who doubts it has but a poor understanding of Mary’s part in the work and life of Jesus.  As she was first in sharing His sufferings, so she was of necessity first in being partaker of His joy.

2.  How Mary had been longing and praying for the Resurrection!  It is a pious belief that for her sake those three days were shortened.  How eagerly she had been expecting the dawn of that first Easter Day!  She had been saying over and over again to herself, “I know that my Redeemer liveth.”  She knew that the darkness would in good time usher in a glorious morning.  This should be my comfort when all seems dark.  I, too, must pray and wait.

3.  What a meeting must that have been!  All her anguish, was more than compensated by the ecstasy of her joy at beholding her Divine Son, radiant with heavenly beauty, conqueror over hell and death.  See how she falls at His feet in a rapture of delight!  See how He raises her up with words of love!  Who can tell the exquisite delight of hearing such words from Jesus’ lips?

See the Mother’s fond embrace, 

See her joy to view Thy face! 

When all bright in radiant bloom

Thee she welcomed from the tomb.


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