July 20th — The Precious Blood a Lesson of Charity. 

July 20th — The Precious Blood a Lesson of Charity.

1. “He loved us, and washed us from our sins in His own Blood” (Apoc. i. 5). St. John, the apostle of love, mentions this as the primary mark of the love of Jesus for us.  He proved His love by saving those He loved from that which would have separated them forever from Him: and this although the loss was theirs, not His, and though it was one that they richly deserved to incur.  Here is a model for us, when others wrong us and return ill-will for our love.

2.  This reconciliation He effected at the cost of His own blood.  We read sometimes of a child who sheds his blood for father or mother, or a husband who sheds his blood for his beloved spouse.  We admire exceedingly such noble and generous self-devotion.  But who ever heard of one who shed his blood in order to reconcile to himself, and restore peace and happiness to, enemies who had willfully and deliberately insulted him?  Love so wonderful as this was possible only to the Son of God.

3.  Yet if we are really to learn of Him to follow in His footsteps, we must imitate Him in this love for enemies.  He Himself commands it: “Love your enemies!’’ “If you love them that love you, what reward shall you have ?” The precept seems impossible, and becomes possible only when we contemplate Him Who shed the last drop of His blood for those who hated Him.  Looking at Thee, O Lord, I not only will forgive those who have offended me, but I will seek to do them good, that 1 may have the happiness of doing to them as Thou hast done to me!

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