July 23rd — The Third Shedding of the Precious Blood. 

July 23rd — The Third Shedding of the Precious Blood.

1.  When Pilate found that he could not persuade the Jews to consent to the release of Jesus, he ordered Him to be scourged, hoping that they might be satisfied with something short of His death, and that their rage might be softened at the sight of a punishment so cruel.  The scourging was for this reason severe beyond what was usual, as the Pharisees are said to have bribed the executioners and plied them with drink to induce them to still greater barbarity.  See how all seemed to unite to add to the tortures inflicted on the Son of God.

2.  Watch the scene.  The Son of God with His hands tied to a short pillar, on either side of Him an executioner with a scourge of many lashes, some tipped with barbed spikes of iron, lashing Him with brutal ferocity.  His sacred body first covered with bruises and weals, and then the flesh cut open and the Precious Blood first trickling and then flowing down from the open wounds.  Still they go on striking the wounds and sores and bleeding flesh with unrelenting violence, the barbs tearing off morsels of flesh until the ground is covered not only with a pool of blood, but also with morsels of His sacred flesh.

O Jesus, what didst Thou not suffer for me! 

3.  Hear Him moaning gently in His agony, and amidst the moans praying to the Eternal Father to accept each blow in expiation for the sins of men, and especially for the sinful indulgence of the flesh.

O Jesus, may the thought of Thy scourging keep me from ever yielding to temptation, and may I mortify my body for love of Thee!

July Precious Blood of Jesus Meditations


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