July 9th — The Precious Blood in its Earthly Origin. 

July 9th — The Precious Blood in its Earthly Origin.

1.  A child in its mother’s womb lives with the physical life of its mother.  It is nourished by its mother, and her blood circulates in its veins.  The Precious Blood of Jesus flowing through His veins was derived from Mary.  She furnished from her immaculate body the Precious Blood that Jesus shed for us.  How close must have been the union of Jesus and Mary!  Can we wonder at her surpassing holiness when she not only carried her God within her womb, but furnished the very body with which His humanity clothed itself?

2.  We also find in this thought a fresh proof of Mary’s unblemished purity.  It is repugnant to our reverence for the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity to imagine Him dwelling in a womb that had ever been defiled with sin, and much more to suppose that the Precious Blood which flowed in His veins and was the price of our redemption did not come from a source as pure as God could make it.  Make an act of faith in the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and thank God for that privilege conferred on her.

3.  We must also remember that Jesus’ blood was wholly Mary’s.  It was not as in the case of other children who have an earthly father.  The body of Jesus was formed in Mary’s womb by the operation of the Holy Ghost, and naturally Jesus was altogether hers.  In heaven, the body that Jesus wears is still the body derived from Mary, and their union is now closer than ever.  In holy Communion Jesus is altogether ours.  Do we conform ourselves to Him as Mary did?

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