32 — The Scene upon the Mount in Galilee.

The Scene upon the Mount in Galilee.

Read St. Matt, xxviii.  16.

[16] And the eleven disciples went into Galilee, unto the mountain where Jesus had appointed them

1.  Let us picture the scene on the mountain in Galilee — Thabor(Tabor) it may be, or some other mountain not far from the Lake of Tiberias; a number of persons are making their way thither over the hills around, in groups of two and three, until they arrive at the summit of the mount.  There they gather in a circle and wait, as if expecting some one to come and take His place in their midst.  There we notice St. Peter taking the lead as their appointed head, St. John rapt in silent contemplation, St. James kneeling in prayer by his side, St. Thomas making acts of faith, Nathaniel with his guileless soul full of joyful expectancy.  All at once in the centre of the group another figure is seen — one like to the Son of man, in the beauty and majesty of His glorified Humanity, but with the glory still subdued, lest mortal eyes should be dazzled by its brilliancy.

2.  At once they all fall upon their faces and adore Him, paying Him supreme homage as their Lord and God.  What overflowing happiness fills their hearts!  It is heaven begun.  Jesus our Master!  Jesus our Lord!  Jesus our Saviour!  Jesus our God!  How their hearts go out to Him.  Then He bids them rise, and looks round with sweet looks of love on each and all.

3.  Then He speaks to them.  No music ever so sweet as the sound of His voice.  To listen to Jesus is supreme happiness for them.  Each word thrills through their souls; they treasure them up as jewels.  So come and speak to us, O Lord, thy unworthy disciples, who desire to have Thee always with us, and bear Thy voice.


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