June 13 — The Compassion of the Sacred Heart.

The Compassion of the Sacred Heart.

Jesus Christ came into the world to suffer with us as well as for us.  Every sort of suffering has a claim on His Divine compassion.

1.  He has the most intense compassion for those who are suffering any earthly sorrow.  None appreciates as He the utter loneliness of the mother who has lost her son; of the friend who is separated from one who was dear as life itself.  At the tomb of Lazarus and at the gates of Naim He manifested His tender sympathy with sorrow.  To Him, then, we will have recourse when earthly shadows press hard upon us.

2.  He has a still greater compassion for those who have separated themselves from God by sin, and who are desirous to be freed from the chain that has bound them down, and to return to their Father in heaven.  What countless, boundless graces flow from His Sacred Heart to help them in their difficulties!  What sweetness thence proceeds to fill the heart of the sinner who does penance!

3.  He has the greatest compassion of all for His servants and saints who are suffering for Him.  How it grieves Him to witness their pains!  What consolations He pours into their souls!  What a reward He promises Himself to give them for what they have endured for love of Him!  It is indeed of all privileges the greatest to earn the sympathy of the Sacred Heart by suffering for the cause of Christ.


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