June 24 — The Sacred Heart on Calvary.

The Sacred Heart on Calvary.

1.  When a man is suffering intensely, an impulse must be very strong which turns him from his sufferings.  Let us listen to the words that Our Lord kept repeating as His executioners nailed Him to the Cross, and as He hung there amid the insults and derision of the scribes and Pharisees. “Father, forgive them.”  This is the prevailing impulse of the Sacred Heart — to obtain forgiveness for those who ill treated and crucified Him!

2. “Father, forgive them.”  This prayer was not offered for those alone who were present on Calvary, but for all sinners.  Instead of showing indignation at their sins, He only feels pity for them, knowing as He does the terrors of the anger of God.  What a lesson for us!  When we are offended our prayer too often is: Father, punish them as they deserve.  What a contrast to the prayer of the Sacred Heart!

3.  But He not only prays for them, but urges an argument in their behalf: “They know not what they do.”  If they know what it is to offend God, they would not, could not sin.  How ingenious is the Sacred Heart in finding an excuse for His murderers; for all who sin deliberately.

Do I make excuses for those who treat me badly?

Do I not too often imagine and invent a motive of malice which does not really exist?

What a contrast between Jesus and myself.  What need I have to pray: Jesus meek and humble of Heart, make my heart like unto Thy Heart.


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