Footnote 37: Negotiating With the Church

Negotiating With The Church: When people challenge the magisterial teachings of the Church and offer views that are diametrically opposed, should the Church meet them halfway in the spirit of “Consensus”?

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Christopher Manion

  • They should not ‘meet them half way’, as in compromise, and not in the ‘spirit of consensus,’ but theologians are obligated to debate heresy, in the spirit of Truth. Don’t you think? The rules should be the ordinary rules of discourse, developed over centuries, which in my opinion the Vatican (apparently–there’s been no release of the procedings yet, but one can parse the few news releases) violated in the discussions regarding Vatican II with SSPX. The ‘answer’ amounted to , ‘Of course the Council’s new teachings are continuous with Tradition! It’s the same subject, isn’t it?’ Liberalism does that to language.They believe they can make up new masses, new doctrine, and new definitions of words. However, theologians all over the world , not just SSPX,are calling for us to re-visit the Council’s slippery teachings on religious freedom, ecumensim, and collegiality. It has train-wrecked everything Christ gave us, which we have to pass on, never modify.

    • Bob says:

      Thank God, Janet is here to save us all from perdition. The clairvoyance, intellectual acumen, alacrity of her responses and obvious humility are a lesson to us all. Res ipsa loquitur, as they say.

  • Bottom line, “NO”.

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