Footnote 48: German SWAT team invades Homeschooling Home

German authorities sent a SWAT team with a battering ram to “rescue” four homeschooled children from their parents’ “prison” in Darmstadt.

Footnote rejects the notion that this mentality is a leftover from the Hitler ear, and traces the mentality much further back in Germany.

Footnote also recalls that John Swett, the state Superintendent of Education for California in the 1860s, also demanded that parents be removed from the education of their children. “Children belong to the state,” he said.

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Christopher Manion

  • Coming soon to a community near you. Oh. Wait. Waco?

  • Superb commentary.

  • Good reminder. A lot of people that seem good or reasonable have an irrational fear/hatred of homeschooling in the U.S… Because after all, if you’re not credentialed, you might mess your kid’s education up!

  • The seed has been planted on the rocky part of the road and evil spreads to uproot its enemy. Yet we, the enemy, who follow God’s family plan and life plan will stand firm on family, life, faith, and freedom. It’s all in the great Book called The Bible. Unfortunately people who believe the German Gestapo were right in doing so, have no clue as to what God’s Word is! Sad, so very sad.

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