Francis Thompson: A Reflection on the Poetic Vocation

Is there such a thing as a “poetic vocation?” What is it that the poet sees that the rest of us don’t? Veteran Catholic journalist and Wanderer Forum Foundation Board Member Frank Morriss tells us in this truly Catholic appreciation of English poet Francis Thompson (1859-1907).  More than simply an analysis of Thompson and his work, this is a meditation on the poetic vocation and the depths of the spiritual life. The poet is the one who can express the inexpressible and give his reader a glimpse of the eternal. Francis Thompson is one who humbly accepted his vocation from God and gave the world an inestimable treasure. This book contains a glossary, biographical precis and the complete text of “The Hound of Heaven.” Perfect for students, teachers, and everyone who desires the beauty above all beauties.

“This meditation on the poetic vocation and achievement of Francis Thompson is a work of great love, coupled with exceptional knowledge,and therefore of great understanding. Indispensable for anyone who wants to get beyond mere literary criticism to the inmost being and motivation of the poet.”–Philip Trower, author, London, England

$10.00 ($1.55 S/H)

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