From Under the Rubble…Race Hustlers Target Paul Ryan

It’s an election year, and liberal pundits complain of listlessness, confusion, cowardice and more in their ranks.

Not to worry, says Obama aide Dan Pfeiffer. He tells Meet the Press that the party will do fine this November – if Democrats turn out.

But how to make sure they do, when their midterm turnout is usually low?

Their quiver is pretty empty. “Hope” is hopeless. Time to turn on Old Faithful.

That’s right. “Republicans are racists.”

This time around, the whiner’s Wheel of Misfortune points to Rep. Paul Ryan, who dares to question whether the seventeen trillion dollars the government has poured into LBJ’s War on Poverty has been well spent.

Hey! No Trespassing, Mr. Paul!

You can’t ask whether a program works. How dare you question our good intentions!

The Left has always considered any such inquiry to be what philosopher Eric Voegelin calls the verbotene Frage – the “forbidden question.”

This trope is a fundamental ingredient of any mendacious ideology, but it must be wielded as a bludgeon to impart the desired effect.

Ryan committed his capital sin when he suggested in an interview that federal policy address “this tailspin of culture, in our inner cities in particular, of men not working and just generations of men not even thinking about working or learning the value and the culture of work.”

Paydirt! The desperate Left had found their bogeyman. Ryan’s racist “code words” are “highly offensive,” charges Rep. Marcia Fudge, chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Note that the lady does not call Ryan’s remarks “untrue” – just “offensive.”

Feeling, not reason, must rule for the desperate to triumph.

Reality check: extensive studies prove that illegitimacy and fatherless homes are the primary causes of the syndrome Ryan identifies. Race has little or nothing to do with it.

But the hucksters are hyping “sensitivity” here, not common sense. So, having chosen Ryan as their designated sinner, the Left’s ward heelers have hitched up the Bigotry Bandwagon to distract their voting blocs from the mountain of disasters their party leaders had spawned.

After months of cacophony and chaos, they’re finally on the same page.

The hacks who once peddled hope now peddle hate, all with newfound gusto.

Will it work?

Maybe not, Rev. James Meeks, pastor of Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, tells the Tribune’s John Kass.

“African-Americans have been taken for granted by Democrats for years and years,” says Meeks. “Our people are stuck in terrible schools, our streets are full of crime, there is blood in the streets and there are no jobs. So what did we get exactly from the Democrats for all our years of loyalty?”

Sorry, Pastor Meeks. That’s a forbidden question.

The Black The Hacks Love To Hate

The Left can’t stand Dr. Thomas Sowell because he digs deeply to confront the forbidden questions head-on. Young black men were not victimized by “race hustlers” like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton when Sowell was growing up, walking miles to his first job until he made enough to afford bus fare.

Those who worked hard were rewarded, he writes – and he writes with authority: in a lifetime of teaching and research, Dr. Sowell has authored literally dozens of books.

Today, one of his greatest disappointments lies in the lack of persistence he finds in many young blacks today. They have a defeatist attitude after being endlessly browbeaten with the falsehood that they have no future in our “racist” society.
“[T]hese young men … have learned all too well the lessons taught by race hustlers, in their social version of the laws of aerodynamics, which said that they could not rise,” he writes.

Ms. Fudge has reportedly invited Rep. Ryan to come and discuss ways to combat poverty.

Perhaps the first step is to silence the hustlers.

If he accepts her invitation, perhaps Mr. Ryan might begin the meeting with this invocation from Booker T. Washington’s My Larger Education (1911), describing “problem profiteers”:

“There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs – partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”

Michelle’s Forbidden Questions

Michelle Obama, her mother, her daughters, and their impressive entourage are undoubtedly enjoying the Great Wall, but she will “steer clear of controversy” on her current trip to China, according to Reuters.

Apparently the First Ms. doesn’t want to be “offensive” and ask about the four of five hundred million Chinese who have gone missing since China inaugurated its force-abortion policy over thirty years ago.

Steven Mosher, the first American social scientist to be allowed into China in the 1970s, came back to tell his professors at Stanford University about the China’s brutal one-child policy.

He didn’t get much of a “welcome home.”

Mosher’s revelations of the gruesome program enraged not only of the Communist Chinese, but also the administration of Stanford University, where Warren Christopher, a senior member of two Democrat administrations, was Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The Communist Chinese insisted that Stanford expel Mosher, threatening to terminate Stanford’s primacy as America’s “Gateway to China.”

Christopher and Co. were much more horrified by Mosher’s impertinence than they were at his findings.

Mosher had addressed the forbidden question, so Stanford quickly decided that his academic freedom had to take a back seat to the seal of approval which the university had bestowed on the Chinese Communist Party and its ravages of human rights.

Happily, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held secret hearings in which U.S. officials confirmed all of Mosher’s findings (much to the horror of several liberal members of the committee).

In spite of widespread condemnation, the brutal Chinese extermination policy has continued, and Mosher, now the president of the Population Research Institute, has continued to document it. So the Rubble asked him for his views on Ms. Obama’s travels.

“Barack Obama once remarked that he wouldn’t want his daughters to be ‘punished with a baby’ after they became sexually active,” Mosher told the Rubble. “He ought to send them to China. There all the single ladies who become pregnant are punished by being aborted. It is the law.”

“As Michelle Obama travels to Beijing with her daughters,” Mosher continued, “she should reflect on the suffering of Chinese women under the one child policy. Tens of millions have been contracepted, sterilized, and aborted. They have been denied babies that they conceived in love and wanted to carry to term. As a result, they have the highest breast cancer rates, the highest rates of mental illness, and the highest suicide rates in the entire world.”

“You would think that Michelle, as a post-modern, liberated woman, would be outraged by all of this, and would want to bring it up with her Chinese counterparts. I mean, even Hillary Clinton condemned forced abortion at the 1995 Women’s Conference in Beijing. As the First Lady pauses for photo ops on the Great Wall, I wonder, will she hear the great wail of millions of Chinese women crying for their lost children?”

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