Remnant Newspaper Guilty of Trying to be Funny (!)

Earlier tonight I received a frantic call from Elisabeth Harschenfarger, a dear reader from the lands of snow who isn’t prone to hysterics. Tonight was different. She says, “I think something is wrong with the people at the Remnant.”  I immediately agreed, but she corrected me. “No, no. I’m not talking about them being sticks in the mud. We all know that is how they are! I don’t understand something they posted!”

She then described to me a post with a youtube video of a man snoring. I couldn’t believe it! Could it be that the Remnant was using a video meme?

Then, I found it online. Sure enough! I think they are trying to be funny! Praised be Jesus Christ! There are humans there!

Despite acting as if they are disinterested, this appears to be a clever ploy to set up for a full assault to come this weekend in response to our own Mr. Dejak’s post regarding traditionalist pusillanimity. (also available here on the Wanderer).

I was proud of Mr. Dejak because across various trad-toting websites this week he was called a “masonic neocatholic”, “neocatholic”, “alinskyan” and some other really bad sounding names. I was beginning to think he might need penicillin to cure the things they said of him. But then, now that I see that the Remnant has responded with humor, maybe there is hope after all.

I’m sure it’s not that they would be stalling in order to launch a full on assault this weekend with a full post on his topic. Maybe they are ready to talk about the reality that certain factions of the heavily fractionated, infighting, unhappy, and generally angry traditionalist camps are always ready to pick a fight with anyone who doesn’t toe the arbitrary lines they assemble and move about as needed to keep the fight alive. Shadow boxing works like that, after all.

Meanwhile, BRAVO Remnant! humor is a great start!

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Phillip Neri

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