Can the Benedict Option Save Catholic Preppers?

By Landon DePasquale / April 21, 2017 /

Would you agree that the demoralization of society has produced a base (even gross) society around us today? Worse, do you agree that the secularists attack principles of faith in every public square? Something must be done! right? Circle the wagons and offer a place for flourishing! Some see a cultural doomsday imminent and a dark ages afoot.  Especially when…

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Back to School Challenge: Find these 5 ideas in your child’s catechism!

By John B. Manos / August 30, 2016 /

Ahh, back to school time…  I remember having to make book covers out of old grocery bags, and then needing to promptly doodle, draw, and/or write on the covers to immediately identify them.  Then, I’d scan the book for pictures and see just what was in this new thing. It’s the time of year and…

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Parental Guide to Couch Potatoes

By Dustin P.J. Murphy / August 8, 2016 /

Sofa happiness is one of the new cultural drugs.  In Poland during World Youth Day Pope Francis urged the youth to make a mark in the world and to not to be couch potatoes. Said Pope Francis: Sofa happiness is “probably the most harmful and insidious form of paralysis, since little by little, without even realizing it,…

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A Skiff in Raging Waters & Grace and The Value of Suffering in Marriage

By John M. DeJak / January 18, 2015 /

Author’s Note:  My wife Annie and I were honored to be asked by Fr. Nate Meyers and the good people of St. Francis Xavier Parish in Buffalo, MN to deliver a reflection on marriage for their annual Cana Dinner. It was a wonderful evening, and I commend our remarks (especially my bride’s!) to the friends of…

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Footnote 33: MSNBC Children belong to state

By Christopher Manion / May 18, 2013 /

In Footnote 33, Chris Manion observes that a whacko feminist recently insisted that children belong to the state, not to God or their parents. She thought she was being very avante-garde. Was she right? Far from it: it’s an old canard whose history deserves our attention.

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