point of death

St. Joseph had to believe

By John B. Manos / March 19, 2015 /

I have a number of icons and a few images in my office, one of which is pictured to the right. It is an old print titled “The Death of St. Joseph.”  I’ve always liked this print, because it points out the trust in God St. Joseph had to have in many ways. Joseph must have had…

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Brain Death and the Harvesting of Human Organs

By wffguest / November 18, 2013 /

by Patrick Laurence  Introduction: It’s true today that everything has a value on the market, but does that mean we can easily take the value of our organs? If you’ve donated your organs, doesn’t it make some tension over whether you are dead when they take those organs? The Bellarmine Forum is pleased to welcome…

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