God’s Pursuit of Fr. Walter Ciszek, S.J….and Each of Us

By John M. DeJak / January 8, 2018 /

I suspect every person—at one point in his life or another—has a moment when he reflects on where he’s been, where he is, and muses at where he might be going. Similarly, I suspect that each person also has a moment where he reflects (or even agonizes) on what might have been if another path…

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Father Hardon on St. Joseph: the Secret of True Love

By John B. Manos / March 19, 2014 /

On this solemn feast of St. Joseph, it is good to have a reminder of just who the saint really is. What follows is a short snippet from a lecture by Fr. John Hardon: Saint Joseph deserves our admiration for his other virtues, but, he is to be especially imitated in his love for Jesus and…

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