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Fr. Hardon on St. Michael the Archangel

By John B. Manos / September 29, 2015 /

Over the past nine days, we’ve had the novena to St. Michael on our Facebook page, with each day posting in the mornings. St. Michael is so many things, from assistant to the Blessed Mother at Fatima, to stalwart captain of the Heavenly Army, declaring to Satan, “Who is like God?” Given our situation today, where…

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Today’s Exorcism Might stop the March to Fantasyland

By John B. Manos / November 20, 2013 /

The news is reporting that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn intends to sign the so-called Gay Marriage Bill into state law today. As we reported here, Bishop Paprocki is ready to exorcise his diocese in reparation for this legislative stroll into fantasyland. The Chicago Tribune, revealing an entirely materialist bent, leads with a headline that this…

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Fire From Heaven and St. Michael’s Tears

By John B. Manos / November 10, 2013 /

Somewhere in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty there is claimed to have been placed a plaque inscribed with a passage from the sonnet The New Colossus written by Emma Lazarus.  The passage compares the two bronze statues for purpose: Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame, With conquering limbs astride from land…

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FOLLOW UP: Architectural Office reports Weeping Icon not Tampered

By John B. Manos / November 5, 2013 /

LALYSSOS, Greece, a small village outside Rhodes, is home to the weeping icon of St. Michael we reported on earlier this week. Yesterday, posted a letter from the Greek Architectural bureau that reports the results of their investigation of the wood, veneer, and paint of the icon made because of a request by the…

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Saint Michael is Weeping

By John B. Manos / November 3, 2013 /

An icon of St. Michael the Archangel located in Rhodes, Greece began weeping this past week. The Metropolitan was called to investigate, and on his investigation, he had the icon removed from its place where it was hung in order to check whether there was a device or moisture was getting into the icon. Upon…

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Exorcising the Vatican? Pope Francis style. With Fatima, St. Michael, and Leo XIII

By John B. Manos / August 23, 2013 /

Recently the news ran headlines that Pope Francis called for the Fatima Statue of Mary to be brought to the Vatican — in their words “to consecrate the world.”  I have to laugh because that phrase activates all the Grunerites into a brainwashed knee-jerk reaction “what about Russia?”  Russia was done. Digressing into Consecration of…

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