Stephanie Block

Catholics and the Common Core State Standards: FAQs answered by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

By Stephanie Block / May 14, 2014 /

The controversy over Common Core State Standards that is raging across the country has not spared Catholic dioceses, which are also wrestling over whether to implement them. When challenged, some dioceses point to the support they have received from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), the bishops’ national bureaucratic arm. (recall our coverage…

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Beyond Common Core: Transformation from a family-centered society to a society-centered family begins with a community hub

By Stephanie Block / April 30, 2014 /

Being on the email list of veteran education researcher and author Charlotte Iserbyt is like being in the passenger seat next to a particularly fast driver. As uncomfortable as the position may be, jumping out of the car would be worse. This is the agenda to expand education into Limited Learning for Lifelong Labor. Iserbyt…

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A Book That Tells the Tales of Immigrants, Traditions, and the Help of the Blessed Mother

By Stephanie Block / May 7, 2013 /

Using antique statues of the Blessed Mother as windows into the eras of their creation, Nancy Murray has written a compelling history of the beautiful, historic city of St Augustine. The delicate, classically crafted Nuestra Señora de La Leche y Buen Parto (Our Lady of the Milk and Happy Delivery) midwifed the city’s founding under…

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