Pope Wrestles Mania, Disappoints Some

By John B. Manos / September 23, 2013 /

With my post about the Pope Francis interview the other day, in the aftermath of that interview, we see people picking up their toys to go home and saying things like “the pope doesn’t support this so I give up.” Or, see for example this article from Rorate Coeli blog (FAIR WARNING: the melodrama and…

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Francis, the object of Modern Tribalism

By John B. Manos / September 20, 2013 /

If you aren’t laughing at the idiots all fighting amongst themselves in reaction to Pope Francis’s interview, yet, then I hope this post will give you a perch from which you can start to laugh with me.  Yes, I was irritated at first, rightly so, but as I think it over, I’m finding a lot…

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