Communion in the Hand is “Perfectly” Legal?

When famous ponzi scheme fraudster Bernie Madoff was apprehended, he defended himself by positing that “I was only doing what everyone else was.” I can recall trying that defense as a child:  everyone else is doing it…  The implication is plain:  …so it must be OK. That never really worked with my parents (nor should it […]

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Ever Get Tempted to Give up Catholics for Lent?

I get a little edgier this time of year every year now. It’s because of the stupid, vapid advice I see repeated about lent. The Forum has posted a lot of good posts about lent on social channels recently. One was this piece of gold by Cindy Paslawski. In it, she asks whether traditional lent is optional. And she […]

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MacLean’s Brings the Contraception Freak Show to Mainstream

The cover of the February 2018 Maclean’s magazine (a Canadian publication) features a smiling woman holding a young smiling boy over her head. If you did not read the text yet, it looks like fun. She looks happy. But, emblazoned across her face is a bold pink banner that reads “I wish I never had kids. There. I said […]

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“I put the Calf in the Oven”, “we give Papal Awards to anyone that visits”, and Slavery

One my favorite lame excuses of all time should be enshrined and burned into the memory of every child. It should be repeated now and then while drinking — everyone at the table laugh and laugh and laugh. It should be the first example off our lips when someone dissembles…  “I put the gold in the oven […]

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We Can All Breathe Easier Now that Fr. Weinandy resigned from the USCCB

Today, a dangerous force creeping into the Church was solidly quashed and quelled. After all, one must take firm and swift actions to keep the public order, right? After all, asking questions of the Holy Father is subversive and confusing to the laity. They might think the wrong thing. They might be encouraged to question his authority as […]

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Halloween Apostasy: Celebrating the Greatest Trick or Treat Disaster. Ever.

Bellarmine Punching Out Martin Luther

Once you understand the two reasons all apostates leave Mother Church, you will understand why people are commemorating Martin Luther this year. You see, Martin Luther was just a pedestrian apostate. His reasons weren’t that different from the others. The problem was that Luther hit the jackpot. And today, in the midst of Amoris Laetitia and similar confusion, people […]

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Feast of St. George and the “Revelations 12 sign”… end of the world?

Once again, being Catholic with normal daily devotions makes one “rapture ready” and apocalypse proof. Over the past year, I have seen here and there various reports of the astrological alignment occurring today. Evangelicals, in particular, have been positing that this all has to do with Israel (the state made in the 1900’s, not the Old […]

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This is Why Fr. James Martin Makes no Sense – Your Annie Oakley Decoder Ring

I promise you that this post will become a decoder ring for you to read Fr. James Martin and others in the AmChurch. You’ll laugh and rub your hands with glee as you will be able to predict exactly what he’ll say about things. You see, he’s just a modernist, in my humble opinion, and he’s following […]

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