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Who Needs a Savior?

Who Needs a Savior?

I’m glad Christmas is an octave+. It’s just too much to soak in in one day. I heard that on a recent Polish polka show, the hosts were cracking a joke that Christmas for Poles begins at Midnight Mass and they don’t leave the house for 12 days. It’s funny because it’s true. Between the ham, the Christmas carols,… Go to the full post > > >

“It’s A Wonderful Life”:  Capracorn?

“It’s A Wonderful Life”: Capracorn?

As is my Christmas tradition, I watched Frank Capra’s “It’s A Wonderful Life” once again last night. Watching the accompanying featurettes, I was surprised to learn that the film was somewhat of a box-office failure when it was released. Critics described Capra’s vision just as Old Potter described George Bailey’s idealism: “sentimental hogwash.” The director’s… Go to the full post > > >


February 07, 2016

  • St. Romauld (1027) Abbot or Abbess, Founder or Foundress. (Traditional Calendar)
  • St. Richard of Lucca (722) . (Historical Calendar)


  • St. Jerome Emiliani (1537) Founder or Foundress, Patron or Patroness, Priest, Patron of orphans and abandoned children. (Current Calendar)
  • St. Josephine Bakhita (1947) Religious, Virgin. (Current Calendar)
  • St. John of Matha (1213) Founder or Foundress, Priest. (Traditional Calendar)


  • St. Paul Miki & Companions (1597) Martyr. (Current Calendar)
  • St. Dorothy (303) Martyr, Virgin, Patroness of Florists. (Traditional Calendar)
  • FIRST SATURDAY. (Current, Historical Calendar)
  • St. Titus (96) Bishop. (Traditional Calendar)

The next Marian feast is Our Lady of Lourdes on Feb 11.


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Magazine:  Evangelizing the Family!  Winter 2015, Issue 3

Magazine: Evangelizing the Family! Winter 2015, Issue 3

Where do we go from here? For the two earlier issues, we looked at all the attacks on the family, and analyzed the importance of the family. Issue 3 presents the solutions! Our last issue of the Bellarmine Forum magazine in 2015, “Evangelizing the Family,” lends itself to plenty of food for thought. You ask, why would… ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!

Guest Commentaries

Seeing and Teaching

Seeing and Teaching

by Guest Author, Edmund Miller The Gospel of John tells the story of Nicodemus, a Pharisee, who goes out at night to find and to speak with Jesus. “Rabbi,” he says, “we know you are a teacher come from God, for no one can work the signs that you work unless God is with him”(3:2).… Continue Reading


The Cosmic Battle, Two Pontiffs, and a Novena

The Cosmic Battle, Two Pontiffs, and a Novena

Is it weird to have a favorite holy water font? Well, I do. I’m weird. In the Basilica of St. Paul Outside-the-Walls–not far from the place where the Apostle was buried after being decapitated for the crime of not losing his head–stands a very curious holy water font. The casual Roman parishioner at St. Paul’s has likely seen this… Go to the full post > > >

Celebrating Advent

Celebrating Advent

The season of Advent marks the beginning of the Church’s liturgical calendar, anticipating the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Of course, the advent of our Lord began with the Annunciation. St. Louis de Montfort says in True Devotion to Mary: “God the Holy Spirit formed Jesus Christ in Mary, but only after having asked… Go to the full post > > >

Veni, Veni, Emmanuel: Advent 2015

Veni, Veni, Emmanuel: Advent 2015

Today is the First Sunday of Advent. Here is an excerpt on the meaning of Advent: In Advent, the Greek Church celebrates particularly the ancestors of Our Lord–all the Patriarchs and Prophets of the Old Testament, but especially Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. The Latin Church also mentions them often in this period. In the Breviary, many texts are… Go to the full post > > >


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