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On the Feast of the Archangels Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel

It is a crying shame today that most of the people walking around society describe themselves as “spiritual” and yet they seem not interested in the spiritual persons God made.  Ghost shows and paranormal shows, where people attempt to speak to invisible persons from the beyond, are very easy to find, but ask a Catholic if they regularly engage in conversation with the angels and most will be bewildered.  What?  You want me to talk to invisible people?  Are you mad?

It is easiest to conceive of angels as invisible persons.  Just like the people you meet and greet everyday, there are invisible intelligent beings among us constantly.  After all, we proclaim it as a basic tenet of faith in the Creed that God created the “visible and invisible.”  Shouldn’t that mean that every Catholic should accept that there are invisible angels?

Today is the feast of three particular angels, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.  Each has had a very special role.  Michael ousted the dragon from Heaven after the trial of the angels.  Gabriel announces special plans of God — most importantly, he came to Mary to offer to her God’s plan for her to become the Mother of God, if she accepted (thank God Mary did accept, “Be it done unto me according to your word.”).  Raphael is traditionally regarded as a healer, however, his role is much broader as shown in the book of Tobias — he even manages to drive devils out and fetch some cash.  Not a bad friend to have, eh?

Here are some basics about the angels, taken from my trusty old school catechism:

1. The angels are pure spirits. They can, however, take a visible form.

The angels are pure spirits without bodies, whereas men have both body and spirit. Yet the angels can take to themselves a bodily form, as did St. Raphael (Tob. v. 18), when he undertook to accompany the young Tobias on his journey. At the sepulchre of Our Lord, after the resurrection, the angels appeared in the form of young men, and the same was the case after Our Lord’s ascension (Mark xvi. 5; Acts i. 10).

The nature of the angels is nobler than that of man; they have greater...Read Feature

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