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The Bellarmine Forum Podcast

Pull up a chair and get ready for relaxed and fun kitchen table chat.  The Bellarmine Forum Podcast is a comfortable discussion on Catholicism, life, and sometimes current affairs.  It is a variety show geared towards topics of interest from our audience or relevant experts on timeless topics.

A great introduction to the show...  listen to this chat about purgatory (and why Protestants can't handle it)

or, hear Sr. Rita Marie give info on Fatima that you've never heard emphasized before (but will wish you knew)

The Ballarmine Podcast feed contains all audio materials -- it is a variety channel.  if you'd prefer to get just the devotions, see the separate "Devotions from the Bellarmine Forum" podcast below.

The Bellarmine Forum Podcast - The Bellarmine Forum
The Bellarmine Forum Podcast - The Bellarmine Forum
Bellarmine Forum

The Bellarmine Forum Podcast is Catholic commentary on anything from history, philosophy, and current events. Best viewed as an after-dinner chat.


No Problem!  use this podcast:

Catholic Devotions from the Bellarmine Forum
Catholic Devotions from the Bellarmine Forum

This is podcast of various Catholic devotionals fitting for the liturgical season. Format varies, some meditations, some lectures.

How To Listen

Using a podcast app, or an RSS service, you can be notified automatically when new episodes arrive.  This is the best way to listen because your app will keep track of the podcast for you and usually offer the best listening options.

You can listen by navigating the archives of the podcast and clicking the play button on the webpage of the podcast episode.  If the player does not work, use the "download" link and play the media file directly.


The BFP podcast feed is a standard RSS/xml feed suitable for any podcast app on any platform.  The URL of the feed is:  



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