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If you’ve ever wondered why the Miracle of the Sun was what Our Lady chose for the finale to Fatima, then this podcast is for you — from the Errors of Russia and the symbols of the enemies of God, she was sending a message, Old Testament style. Even down to the Egyptian and like Moses battling Pharaoh’s priests — the Miracle of the Sun is rich with symbolism.

00:00 – Like a Horse head left in the bed — the message is clear

01:27 – Natural Sun Worship of the Druids was not ceased, but rolled into Freemasonry

Freemasonry’s most virulent offspring – International Communism — moved Pope Pius XI to issue his Encyclical Divini Redemptoris on March 19, 1937.

It is virtually beyond dispute that, in the words of the present Librarian of Congress, James Billington, “the modern revolutionary tradition…grew out of occult Freemasonry.” Billington, in his seminal book on revolution, Fire in The Minds of Men, traces communism from Illuminism through the Masonic lodges, and states that the first apostle of modern communism, Giuseppe Buonarotti (a descendent of the famous genius of art, Sculpture and architecture, formulated his blueprint for a new society of revolutionary republicans in “the Masonic lodges of Geneva.” Billington recalls that Thomas Paine, after his return to America from Revolutionary France, wrote An Essay on the Origin of Free Masonry, in which he “insisted that the natural sun worship of the Druids had not been destroyed but merely diverted into Masonry.

Fisher, Paul A. Their God is the Devil: A Study of Papal Encyclicals and Freemasonry. (1991). p 54- (emphasis added)

there’s more to this that I skipped over in the podcast… this concept of DECHRISTIANIZATION ties into the similar DEHELENIZATION much later in the podcast…

In his Encyclical, Pius recalled communism’s early gestation Period: “Ever since the days when groups of intellectuals” were formed in an arrogant attempt to free civilization from the bonds of morality and religion, Our Predecessors overtly and explicity drew the attention of the world to the consequences of the deChristianization of human society.”

His Holiness was referring to those long series of encyclical an other Papal documents earlier cited in this work which warned of the dangers of the new atheistic philosophers, and particularly their conspiracies hatched against the Church in the lodges Freemasonry.

cont. Fisher, supra. (emphasis added)

03:41 – Errors of Russia are Solar Worship cults (and communism is their offspring)

10:01 – 1916 Solar Cult Grove and Magic Circle Dedicated in United States

This has been mentioned before for other purposes, but the 68th Convocation of the Order of the Rose Cross… Magic Solar Cult Workings in the US… consecrated a grove — right when the angel started appearing to the children in Fatima.

The book can be seen here Fundamental Laws: A Report of the 68th Convocation of the Rose Cross Order.

19:31 – Ancient Rites of Osiris – Russian Magi at the occult working in the US

21:17 – Modernists are “Illumined” slaves led by the nose (unbridled passions, reality is a feeling)

26:17 – Ratzinger Regensberg address — “Dehelenized” — Rainbow Flags mean Reverting to Antedeluvian times

28:20 – Reality “comes from within” for them – that’s why they want it dark — light offends their fantasies

29:32 – Tielhard de Chardin – Process Theology is just Solar Cult “Illumination” towards total darkness

29:59 – Masons wanted make a Church Full of Illumined Slaves (they haven’t gotten it yet)

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