What Hamish Fraser Saw About Your Children Thirty Years Ago

By John B. Manos / August 10, 2016 /

I’ve been going back and listening to some old cassettes lately. I ran across one quote that is harrowing. I mean it. The insight some of these people had peering into the state of the day reaches across decades to today and is fresh, if not terrible. I can’t help it — anyone who has listened to Fr.…

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From Under the Rubble…Progress, Progressives, and Perversion

By Christopher Manion / October 26, 2012 /

Progress, Progressives, and Perversion “I Am Who Am” (Exodus 3:14) Last week’s Rubble examined change. Heraclitus feared it and longed for the unchanging logos. Only with the Incarnation did the logos get a name: Jesus Christ, the Alpha and the Omega, “first, last, and always.” In contrast to Christian philosophy, the heady hedonism of the…

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Reasons to Pay Attention to Solzhenitsyn, Mindszenty, and Ciszek

By John M. DeJak / August 12, 2012 /

The excellent Catholic blog Rorate Caeli has a piece on the 4th anniversary of the death of Alexandr Solzhenitsyn. The author of the piece takes the opportunity to praise Solzhenitsyn and others within the Soviet Union for their heroism in standing up to the godless Communist regime. Similarly, he takes to task the Fathers of the Second…

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