BFP Luther Defense – Vigano Should Be Honored by Francis (not prosecuted)

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A meme collage of Pope Francis disapproving next to Vigano but happy and approving of Luterh (Fair Use collage/composite for social commentary)

News this week that Tucchio Kissio, the Prefect for some new curial office erstwhile known as Doctrine and Faith, you know, the guy that wrote the “Theology of Kissing” and is trying to emulate the “porno theologians” of the 70s, as Fr. Cornelio Fabrio called them… So Smoochio has exercised the power given him by Francis to haul Vigano into court.

General news report at LifeSite.

Last June, Pope Francis went so far as to praise Luther — once deemed a heretic by the Catholic Church — as a great reformer.

On his flight back to Rome from Armenia, the pope told reporters: “The church was not a role model, there was corruption, there was worldliness, there was greed, and lust for power. He protested against this. And he was an intelligent man.”

Oct 16, 2016 NPR report on Pope Francis praising Martin Luther.

How can Pope Francis now prosecute Vigano for doing what he praised Luther for? or… How can Francis praise archenemy of God, Martin Luther, a schismatic and a half, and yet pretend to prosecute Vigano? (while ignoring Rupnik, and the multitude of turpitide)

Listen in and we discuss the Twinkie Defense, nonfeasance in other matters, and how this will all play out in the most extraordinary judicial action that will ever be…

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