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Christ was born of the Blessed Virgin Mary in a stable at Bethlehem,

Mary and Joseph had to repair to their native place of Bethlehem to be enrolled in the census which was being held by command of the Emperor Augustus. They were obliged to seek refuge in a stable, because there was no room for them in Bethlehem (Luke ii. 7). As in the conception, so in the birth of Christ, was exception made to the ordinary course of nature. Mary was free from the penalties described in Gen. iii. 16, because, as St. Bernard says, she alone had conceived without carnal pleasure. St. Augustine exclaims: “Behold He Who rules the world lies in a manger. He Who feeds the angels is suckled by His Mother. Strength becomes weak, that weakness may be made strong;” and again, “A great Physician came down from heaven to heal a great disease on earth; He healed in a way hitherto unheard of, for He took our ills on Himself.” “Being rich He became poor, that through His poverty we might be made rich” (2 Cor. viii. 9). Every circumstance attending the birth of Christ has a deep meaning. Christ was born at Bethlehem (the house of bread) because, as St. Jerome says, Pie is the living bread. He is born far away from His home in Nazareth because He descended from heaven, His true home, and is a stranger among men. He is born amid the shepherds and their flocks, because He is to be the “Good Shepherd” (John x. 11) of a great flock. He is born in a stable, because the earth in comparison of heaven is but a stable.

Christmas Meditations

The Arrival in Palestine – Christmas Meditation Day 30 (Jan 23)
The Arrival in Palestine 1.  When Joseph arrived with Mary and her Divine Son in their own land, his first[...]
The Return Home – Christmas Meditation Day 29 (Jan 22)
The Return Home 1.  At length, when it seemed as if God had almost forgotten His well-beloved Son, the summons[...]
The Long Waiting – Christmas Meditation Day 28 (Jan 21)
The Long Waiting 1.  For seven long years the Holy Family remained in the land of Egypt.  From day to[...]
The Arrival in Egypt – Christmas Meditation Day 27 (Jan 20)
The Arrival in Egypt 1.  At length they reached the spot that God designed for their sojourn, in a land[...]
The Perils of the Way – Christmas Meditation Day 26 (Jan 19)
The Perils of the Way 1.  Out into the darkness of the night went Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.  Can these[...]
Joseph’s Obedience – Christmas Meditation Day 25 (Jan 18)
Today's meditation continues to examine Joseph's virtue in following the angel, with some surprising observations about obedience and sanctity. A key mark of sanctity revealed!
The Angel’s Warning – Christmas Meditation Day 24 (Jan 17)
Today's Christmas meditation puts you in the shoes of Joseph, to whom the angel came in a dream telling him to flee to Egypt -- if the message was from God...
Herod’s Vengeance – Christmas Meditation Day 23 (Jan 16)
Why did Herod order the slaughter of male babies? Do we act like him and what causes this? Today's Christmas meditation compares worldly care with Heaven's care.
Their Return Home – Christmas Meditation Day 22 (Jan 15)
An angel helped the Kings avoid the deception of Herod -- see how God helps those he favors in today's Christmas meditation!
Their Gifts: (3) Myrrh – Christmas Meditation Day 21 (Jan 14)
Discover the three reasons Balthasar of the three kings gave Myrrh to the Baby Jesus in today's Christmas meditation.
Their Gifts: (2) Frankincense – Christmas Meditation Day 20 (Jan 13)
What exactly did it mean when the three kings gave Frankincense to Baby Jesus? Find out the deep acknowledgement they made in today's Christmas meditation.
Their Gifts: (i) Gold – Christmas Meditation Day 19 (Jan 12)
Christmas meditation on the first alms given to Our Lord: the gift of Gold from the magi.
The Finding of Christ – Christmas Meditation Day 18 (Jan 11)
Christmas Meditations continue today contrasting the grand magnificence and extravagance of Eastern royalty and the humble means of the newborn King, Jesus, yet they worship Him.
Their Arrival at Bethlehem – Christmas Meditation Day 17 (Jan 10)
Today's Christmas meditation explores the Magi's arrival to worship the newborn king and reveals what they saw that made them fall to their knees in awe.
The Magi’s Stay at Jerusalem – Christmas Meditation Day 16 (Jan 9)
The Magi’s Stay at Jerusalem 1. When the star disappeared, the Magi were not disconcerted. If God saw fit to[...]
Their Journey – Christmas Meditation Day 15 (Jan 8)
Daily Christmas Meditations by Fr. Clarke SJ (1885) continue with today giving rich fodder to consider the folly (in the world's eyes) of following God.
The Magi – Christmas Meditation Day 14 (Jan 7)
Christmas meditations continue, today focusing on the Magi, the three kings, who travelled to worship the newborn king, Jesus.
The Epiphany – Christmas Meditation Day 13 (Jan 6)
Christmas Meditation on the truths of Epiphany and the Universal Kingship of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.
The Name of Jesus – Christmas Meditation Day 12 (Jan 5)
What's in a name? Todays' Christmas meditation considers the Most Holy Name of Jesus!

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