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Catholics hold Advent as the season when we are taught to look forward both to the first coming of Our Lord into the world at Christmas-time, and also to His second coming at the end of time to judge the living and the dead.  

His first coming was to seek and to save that which was lost.  

His second coming will be to gather His elect into the celestial paradise, and to trample all His enemies under His feet.  

Shall I on that day be regarded by Him as a friend or as an enemy?  Is my present life one of devotion to Him and union with Him, or one of selfishness, pride, impatience of the yoke of Christ?  

The Bellarmine Forum presents resources to help you make a good Advent this year.

Text of the Christmas Novena (St. Andrew) Click the image for more information.

 Are you waiting for Our Lord to Come to you?


These meditations begin November 27 and run through December 31, a few days past Christmas. They are a combination of advent meditations and traditional points on the Great Truths — from our need for a Savior to points about Our Lord. When provided in the original text, there are points to make a resolution.

These are intentionally short. They are meant to provide good soil for your mind to grow fruitful activity in your pursuit of prayer with Our Lord.

There are also Christmas mediations that begin on Christmas Day. This set runs into Christmastide and overlaps the Christmas set.

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A politician cannot rely on saying they are Catholic while supporting intrinsically evil laws, such as acting pro-life while supporting abortion. Worse, Catholics who cave to peer pressure and show public support for such a politician become willingly culpable in the sin as well.
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We forgot the warnings of Jacinta and Faustina, so we are experiencing A chastisement, but not THE chastisement, which will be worse, as if the gates of hell are thrown open. This peek at hell on earth with evil and depravity running in our streets is God's reminder that judgment is coming, but we have the remedies of the rosary and divine mercy - our two towers.
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