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Jesus Christ is Risen from the dead!

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EASTER. The day commemorating Christ's Resurrection from the dead. It is the greatest of all Christian festivals, having the central place in the liturgical year. It is the Christian feast linked with the Jewish Pasch. The exultant Alleluia is constantly repeated in the Mass and Divine Office, the Vidi Aquam replaces the Asperges, and the Regina Coeli the Angelus. The Easter season continues from Easter Sunday to Trinity Sunday inclusive. (etym. Anglo-Saxon Eastre, Teutonic goddess of dawn and spring.)

RESURRECTION OF CHRIST. The rising from the dead of Christ on the third day after his death and burial. Christ's Resurrection is a basic truth of Christianity, which is expressed in all the Creeds and in all rules of faith of the ancient Church. He rose through his own power. The source of his Resurrection was the hypostatic union. The principal cause was the Word of God, together with the Father and the Holy Spirit; the instrumental cause was the parts of Christ's humanity, soul, and body, which were hypostatically united with the Godhead. When Scripture asserts (Acts 2:24; Galatians 1:1) that Christ was raised by God or by the Father, these statements are to be understood as referring to his humanity. All forms of rationalism in ancient and modern times – deceit  hypothesis, apparent death hypothesis, vision hypothesis, symbolism hypothesis – deny Christ's Resurrection. Yet nothing is more central in the faith as attested by Peter's sermon on Pentecost and as defended ever since by the Church's most solemn teaching authority.

The body of the risen Christ was in a state of glory, as is evident from circumstances of the appearances recorded in the Gospels and Acts, and from Christ's supremacy over the limitations of space and time. The risen Christ retained the wounds in his transfigured body as tokens of his triumph over death (John 20:27).

Theologically the Resurrection, unlike the death of Christ, is not the meritorious cause of human redemption. It is the victorious completion of redemption. It belongs to the perfection of redemption and is therefore associated in the Scriptures with Christ's death on the Cross as one complete whole. It is the model and, in the person of the risen Christ, the channel of grace for our spiritual redemption from sin and for our bodily resurrection on the Last Day.

Modern Catholic Dictionary. Hardon, J. 1999.


Strange Events in Europe.  Listen to Sr. Rita Marie explain more about Fatima!

Preparing for May, and a month of devotions to Our Lady, listen to an account of what was happening Portugal at the time of Fatima and how things changed from Our Lady's appearance there.  Sr. Rita Marie S.S.E.W 

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These short daily meditations will help you make a good May devotion to Our Lady.  Published daily on the social sites of Bellarmine Forum, it's easy to have a month of devotion and get closer to Our Lady.


These meditations in miniature are intended for the month of May or October, or to accompany the recital of the Thirty Days’ Prayer.  They are founded on the chief incidents in our Lady’s life as recorded in Holy Scripture or handed down by tradition.  They are suited either for meditation, or for the reading of those who have no time for meditation, and who nevertheless wish to do something to honor Mary and testify their love for her.  Each of them is broken up into three heads or points, intended to furnish, directly or indirectly, some practical suggestion for him who reads or meditates thereon.

If this little book should in any way contribute to Mary’s honor, it will have fulfilled the object with which it was written.

Written in 1890, timeless and excellent today:

Some More May and Fatima Information

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