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Advent is the season of preparation before Christmas. In the subsequent period we have the feast of the Circumcision, the Epiphany, the Purification, and the Sundays after the Epiphany.

The four weeks of Advent represent the four thousand years during which the coming of the Messias was expected. The Immaculate Conception occurs most suitably in Advent, the eighth of December, for at the birth of Christ the Sun of justice rose upon the world, dispelling the darkness of sin and ignorance; Mary was like the aurora (Cant. vi. 9), heralding the coming day. The period after Christmas is symbolical of the youth of Our Lord, and of the time which intervened before His entry upon His public ministry; His hidden life, that is, at Nazareth.

Advent Meditations

Day 22 (Dec 18) O Adonai & The General Judgment (Advent Meditations)
This advent meditation will help you curry favor with the Lord for the day of judgment. It gets to the second O Antiphon and the Lord as the Judge of the General Judgement... find out the surprising truths about Jesus's sympathy with us, and how to curry His favor on that day!
Day 21 (Dec 17) O Sapientia & The Particular Judgment (Advent Meditation)
Today's advent meditation begins the seven antiphons, which greet our coming Savior under various titles, and entreat Him to come quickly to enlighten and deliver His people!
Day 20 (Dec 16) The Dangers of the Careless Soul & Death (Advent Meditation)
Today's advent meditation turns the corner on motivating you to repent and reform. If you've been following these, you are longing for a redeemer. Tomorrow, we begin to see more about him. TODAY, we repent!
Day 19 (Dec 15) The Preparation for His Approach & The Punishment of Venial Sin (Advent Meditation)
This advent meditation gives the three things you must do on this earth before your time is up in order to find happiness in the world to come. It also provides motivation to eradicate those venial sins: you won't make it until you pay to the last farthing! Yikes! See how to avoid it here!
Day 18 (Dec. 14) The Uncertainty of His Coming & Venial Sin (Advent Meditation)
An Advent meditation that helps you watch for Our Lord and His Second coming. Venial sin is small as compared with mortal sin, but it is small only as ten thousand years are small compared with eternity
Day 17 (Dec 13) The Signs of His Coming & The Eternity of Hell
Advent Meditations from yesteryear, when people still believed there was a hell and wanted to avoid it, so they watched for the Lord. “Blessed is he whom his Lord, when He cometh, shall find watching.” These will help you watch!
Day 16 (Dec 12) The Second Coming of Christ & The Aggravations of Hell (Advent Meditation)
Advent Meditations that prepare for the Coming of Our Lord -- first AND SECOND! Our Lord Himself had already declared that He would come again with power and great glory and would sit upon the throne of His glory.
Day 15 (Dec 11) Rejoice Always & The Eternal Consequences of Sin (Advent Meditation)
Advent Meditations geared towards your holiness! December 11 The saints, who had driven self-love out of their hearts, found it a pleasant and an easy task to be always joyful. Beware the eternal consequences of sin.
Day 14 (Dec 10) Rejoice & The Cause of our Failure (Advent Meditation)
Advent Meditations for December 10. Contains the secret of true joy, and explains the one thing that can keep us from God. There is only one obstacle in our way, only one real hindrance to our progress towards happiness and peace, only one barrier between us and God.
Day 13 (Dec 9) Hope & The Dispositions necessary (Advent Meditation)
Advent Meditations that will get you closer to the mystics. "We have assumed a sort of independence of God which renders it impossible for Him to pour into our hearts that hope which is in exact proportion to our conformity to His will."
Day 12 (Dec 8) The Forerunner’s Office & The Means Provided
REPENT AND PREPARE THE WAY! These Advent meditations by Fr. Clarke SJ hit hard where it is needed! "It meant that he was unworthy to serve Christ, even in the capacity of a slave, and by doing the work that many slaves would consider beneath them."
Day 11 (Dec 7) The Forerunner’s Message & The Models to be imitated
Yet the teaching of St. John is true now, as it was at the time his words were first spoken.  Penance is the means of preparation for the advent of our King.
Day 10 (Dec 6) The Forerunner of the King & How to Attain Our End
The secret of St. John's success was thus the result of practicing what he preached.  He practiced much more than he preached, for he enjoined upon his hearers the simple performance of ordinary duties while he led a life of continual penance and self-denial.  If our words are to carry any weight we must not preach without practicing.
Day 9 (Dec 5) The Fulfillment of the Decree & God the End of our Life
Advent Meditations. December 5. Our life is a circle: whence it first came, thither it must return.  As we proceeded from God, so we must go back to Him if our life is to be a success.  We can never find repose or lasting satisfaction in anything except God.  As long as we do not tend to Him, we shall be fluctuating, inconstant, uncertain.
Day 8 (Dec 4) – The Approaching Day & God Our Best Friend
Daily meditations for Advent in anticipation of Christmas. Short, concise, and perfect for busy Catholics to find fruitful meditation on the coming Redeemer and the great truths. Her affections were simply a reflection of what God loved and hated; like God she loved all things except sin, and those who were the declared and eternal enemies of God.  She desired nothing for herself except that she might see God’s holy will fulfilled in all. 
Day 7 (Dec 3) The Causes of Delay & God Our Preserver
The eternal wisdom of the Most High needs no time for deliberation.  His works are not gradually perfected, or improved on second thoughts.  But ours are, and the slow action of the providence of God should impress upon us the importance of waiting before we act, and considering and reconsidering all our plans.
Day 6 (Dec. 2) – The Golden Thread & God Our Creator
Sometimes it is kindness to the poor; sometimes devotion to the holy souls; very often it is a reverence to the holy Mother of God that thus runs through the whole of life.  In my life God has interwoven some such thread.
Day 5 (Dec 1) Transient Gleams & God Our Lord
Everything I have taken from God and appropriated to myself will have to be given back to Him.  I shall have to pay the penalty for each misuse of what was entrusted to me.
Day 4 (Nov 30) The Long Darkness. 
But none save a very few availed themselves of it. “They loved darkness more than light.”  The world gradually lost all regard for virtue or for God.

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