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When God bade St. Joseph arise and take the Child and His Mother and fly into Egypt, He was committing unto him, under the guise of Jesus and Mary, the care of the universal Church.  As to Mary were entrusted all Christians in the words, “Woman, behold thy son,” so to St. Joseph in the angel’s message.  He was to be our guardian and protector.  He was to keep us safe in the dangerous journey of life; he was to console us and care for us in darkness and sorrow while we wait in this land of exile for the summons to our true home.  Joseph, too, is to bring us safely into the promised land at last.  

O holy St. Joseph, be my friend and my protector and my keeper, amid all difficulties and dangers and temptations.

JUNE 17, 2024 – ST. AVITUS, ABBOT.

  • St. Botolph (680). Religious. (Historical)
  • St. Gregory Barbarigo (1697). Bishop. (Traditional)

ST. AVITUS was a native of Orleans, and, retiring into Auvergne, took the monastic habit, together with St. Calais, in the Abbey of Menat, at that time very small, though afterward enriched by Queen Brunehault, and by St. Boner, Bishop of Clermont. The two Saints soon after returned to Miscy, a famous abbey situated a league and a half below Orleans. It was founded toward the end of the reign of Clovis I by St. Euspicius, a holy priest, honored on the 14th of June, and his nephew St. Maximin or Mesmin, whose name this monastery, which is now of the Cistercian Order, bears. Many call St. Maximin the first abbot, others St. Euspicius the first, St. Maximin the second, and St. Avitus the third. But our Saint and St. Calais made not a long stay at Miscy, though St. Maximin gave them a gracious reception. In quest of a closer retirement, St. Avitus, who had succeeded St. Maximin, soon after resigned the abbacy, and with St. Calais lived a recluse in the territory now called Dunois, on the frontiers of La Perche. Others joining them, St. Calais retired into a forest in Maine, and King Clothaire built a church and monastery for St. Avitus and his companions. This is at present a Benedictine nunnery, called St. Avy of Chateaudun, and is situated on the Loire, at the foot of the hill on which the town of Chateaudun is built, in the diocese of Chartres. Three famous monks, Leobin, afterward Bishop of Chartres, Euphronius, and Rusticus, attended our Saint to his happy death, which happened about the year 530. His body was carried to Orleans, and buried with great pomp in that city.

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PROFESSION. The act of embracing the religious state by the three vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience according to the rule of an order or congregation canonically approved. For simple profession, at least a continuous year of novitiate or probation is necessary; for solemn profession, three or more years of simple profession must precede. The candidate must be of the full age required and personally at liberty to make the promises.

Modern Catholic Dictionary, Fr. John Hardon SJ (Get the real one at Eternal Life — don’t accept an abridged or edited version of this masterpiece!)

June, Month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred Heart of Jesus – Short Meditations for June. June 17 — The Sacred Heart of Jesus among Little Children.

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