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Our Lord for nearly seventeen hundred years endured in silence all the ingratitude of men.  Some faithful hearts had been devoted to Him, but from the generality He had received neglect, coldness, indifference, sometimes outrage, insult, sacrilege.  He had witnessed the revolt of thousands and tens of thousands from the Church’s yoke.  Satan had usurped His place in their hearts, and they had heaped every sort of indignity on His servants, on His Church, on Himself in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.  They had denied His Presence in the Blessed Sacrament; they had castoff His yoke and persecuted His servants.

 At length Our Lord found one heart to which He could confide the story of His disappointments, and tell the tale of His sufferings. Saint Margaret Mary* was an unknown, obscure, a poor, feeble woman.  But she was so dear to His Heart that He determined to tell her of His griefs, and entrust to her the task of obtaining for Him some comfort and relief in His sorrows.  How great a privilege was hers!  Would that I had something of her love!

Maybe you could be one of those in whom the Sacred Heart can confide?  


  • St. Apollinaris of Ravenna (87). Bishop, Martyr. (Current)
  • St. Jerome Emiliani (1537). Founder or Foundress, Patron or Patroness, Priest. Patron of orphans and abandoned children. (Traditional)
  • St. Margaret of Antioch (304). Martyr, Virgin. (Traditional)

ACCORDING to the ancient Martyrologies, St. Margaret suffered at Antioch in Pisidia, in the last general persecution. She is said to have been instructed in the faith by a Christian nurse, to have been prosecuted by her own father, a pagan priest, and, after many torments, to have gloriously finished her martyrdom by the sword. From the East, her veneration was exceedingly propagated in England, France, and Germany, in the eleventh century, during the holy wars. Her body is now kept at Monte-Fiascone, in Tuscany.

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ST. JEROME EMILIANI was a member of one of the patrician families of Venice, and, like many other Saints, in early life a soldier. He was appointed governor of a fortress among the mountains of Treviso, and whilst bravely defending his post, was made prisoner by the enemy. In the misery of his dungeon, he invoked the great Mother of God, and promised, if she would set him free, to lead a new and a better life. Our Lady appeared, broke his fetters, and led him forth through the midst of his enemies. At Treviso he hung up his chains at her altar, dedicated himself to her service, and on reaching his home at Venice, devoted himself to a life of active charity. His special love was for the deserted orphan children whom, in the times of the plague and famine, he found wandering in the streets. He took them home, clothed and fed them, and taught them the Christian truths. From Venice he passed to Padua and Verona, and in a few years had founded orphanages through Northern Italy. Some pious clerics and laymen, who had been his fellow-workers, fixed their abode in one of these establishments, and devoted themselves to the cause of education. The Saint drew up for them a rule of life, and thus was founded the Congregation, which still exists, of the Clerks Regular of Somascha. St. Jerome died February 8th, 1537, of an illness which he had caught in visiting the sick.

REFLECTION: Let us learn from St. Jerome to exert ourselves in behalf of the many hundred children whose souls are perishing around us for want of some one to show them the way to heaven.


CONSTANT. Popularly, a nonvariable. In theological terms that which continues to exist while it develops. The apparent contradiction between that which remains constant while also growing is one of the phenomena of Christianity. Thus the Church remains essentially the same even as she changes in adapting to different cultures and times. And revelation stays basically what it was at the end of the apostolic age, while showing remarkable growth in depth and intelligibility over the centuries. What changes is the human, what remains constant is divine.

Modern Catholic Dictionary, Fr. John Hardon SJ (Get the real one at Eternal Life — don’t accept an abridged or edited version of this masterpiece!)

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