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Month of Our Lady

As a special way to honor the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Mother, Catholics have long set aside the Month of May as time for focusing on extra devotion to her.  From May Crownings to extra feast days in her honor, May is a time to keep Our Lady on top of your devotions! 

Mary, Gate of Dawn (Ostrama Brama).


These traditional catholic meditations for the Resurrection to Pentecost were written by Fr. Francis Spirago SJ back in 1890 specifically to provide rich food for devotion to Our Lord in Lent.

"these are great!"


Jesus conquered death by rising from the dead.  He completed this new creation for us that we may follow Him.  One sign of this victory is the Blessed Sacrament, where He is present to us, body, blood, soul, and divinity.

"God will awake our bodies to life again to prove His justice, and to honor Our Redeemer."

Creed 11 resurrection of the flesh

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