Adam E. Frey

PAPAL VISIT REPORT: Biblical Reflections on Seeing a Pope

By Adam E. Frey / September 30, 2015 /

Like many this past week, I was blessed to have the rare opportunity to see Pope Francis up close and personal during his U.S. tour. I’ve seen friends and acquaintances share their stories of their varying successes in seeing the Pope. Some got outside the U.S. Capitol building and saw him as a distant dot in a…

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Hanukah: Prequel to the Gospels

By Adam E. Frey / November 28, 2013 /

Ever wonder why Catholics insist on keeping the books of the Maccabees in her bibles while everyone else keeps throwing them out? It’s a pretty wild story, one far better than George Lucas could cook up! Never look at hanukkah the same after this muse by Major Frey.

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Engraved image from Bruegel of Everyman.

Spaceballs, Babylon, and the Lenten Sacrifice

By Adam E. Frey / February 21, 2012 /

by Guest Author, Major Adam E. Frey Like many Catholics, you may be making a last-minute scramble to choose a Lenten sacrifice.  But in the rush to make your public penance, have you considered why you make this yearly ritual?  Believe it or not, you might get a better understanding of the Lenten sacrifice by…

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