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Jesus Christ is the Son of God

Christ called Himself the only-begotten Son of God (John iii. 16), and this because He and He alone is the Second Person of the Trinity, begotten of the Father. In addition He is far removed above the angels and mankind, who are likewise called the children of God. For to these latter God has not communicated His own nature (Phil, ii. 6) and has adopted them only by a special grace (Gal. iv. 5).

1. Jesus Christ solemnly declared before the high priest that He was the Son of God (Matt. xxvi. 64).
And He called Himself the Son of God also on the occasion of His healing of the man born blind (John ix. 37).
2. God the Father called Jesus Christ His Son on the occasion of His baptism in the Jordan and of the transfiguration on Mount Thabor (Matt. iii. 17; xvii. 5).
3. The archangel Gabriel called Jesus Christ the “Son of the Most High” when he announced His birth to Mary (Luke i. 32).
4. St. Peter also publicly addressed Jesus Christ as “Son of the living God” and was commended by Christ for this confession (Matt. xvi. 16).
5. Even the devils cried out: “What have we to do with Thee, Jesus, Son of God? Art Thou come hither to torment us before the time?” (Matt. viii. 29.)


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