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The Assumption is the doctrine that Our Lord came to take Mary BODY and SOUL to Heaven. Because of her Immaculate Conception, and spotless life, her Body was pure also. She was able to avoid the three D’s of the end of life: Death, Decay, and Delay.

We live in a world that think defilement and mutilation of the body is not just fine, but preferred. Perversions and all manner of things that debase the body are encouraged today. Yet, Our Lady’s example tells us that Our Lord is coming for us — body and soul — for our own assumption someday.

Tweets Reporting the news that Cardinal Burke is on a ventilator due to COVID

Backlash to the news that Cardinal Burke has been hospitalized have people gloating that he did not take the jab. Cardinal Burke was not comfortable have the product of aborted fetal tissue placed INSIDE his body. Yet, people think he is suffering for that choice. For all we know, the jab might have killed him — there is plenty of data that it can.

Our choices of what we do to our bodies is to be made voluntarily with informed consent. Information on the risks and benefits of the jab are withheld or even being exaggerated. Meanwhile, information about alternatives that may well be more effective and safer are being suppressed.

As Catholics, we should uphold informed consent and demand to be given reliable and true information about all treatments, especially so individuals can make informed consent decisions for their own.

Some Catholics are unaware of the therapeutics and believe that the jab is the only solution. They are misinformed or uninformed. That’s sad. From this, they make false claims that the vaccine may be an “act of charity” — the end cannot justify the means.

example of a Catholic making the argument that taking contraception is an act of charity.

Pray for Cardinal Burke!

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  • MJB says:

    Good information. Catholics wishing ill on Cardinal Burke is insanity all right. Demonic insanity. Our Lady is indeed the answer. I like the contraception analogy regarding the charity argument. The fact is we have several treatments for this and unfortunately, I have first-hand information that in Florida many pharmacies are refusing to fill the prescriptions of doctors who are prescribing Ivermectin or HCQ. More insanity. Also regarding vaccines and those who have had the sickness, check out this eye-opening study on natural immunity and pass it along.