BFP: The Praxis of Liberation

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Join in to a discussion where we talk about the refined front of Gramsci’s Marxist transformation of the Church into a liberator of the poor and social action committee ready to help liberate the oppressed everywhere.

Was the apostasy of the 60s, now refined into a less awkward and more smooth scholarly sounding charade of charity, nothing more than a clever way to move people away from God?

Why don’t we send troublemakers (like poor Fr. Rothrock) to Siberia anymore?  What has replaced the disappearing of dissenters? 

Judas balked at the Worship of Our Lord, and countered that instead of giving to God, it could have been given to the poor.  Fr. Hardon said one of the major reasons the devil is so strong today is Judases in the Church.

We review some of Frank Morriss’s excellent points about the modernist activists in the Church (Fr. McBrien) and how Antonio Gramsci’s method of transforming the Church into a Marxist machine (replacing worship of God with business of liberation).

We cheer the removal of the hymns by one of the several awful hymnists of the modern American lay-led “experience” liturgy…  David Haas…  as well as no sign of peace…   let’s make that prohibition permanent.

Deep South grocery store chain does modern Catholic hymnals better:

Wouldn’t be surprised if this wasn’t the title of a GIA hymnal already

Finally, if you want to know how the Church SHOULD BE ANSWERING THE OPPRESSION AND SYSTEMATIC EVILS TODAY, listen in!


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